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If you’ve always had your head in the clouds, you’re a fan of taking down bad guys, and you own an Xbox One, there are plenty of games for you. Here are our picks for the 10 best air combat video games to play right now on Xbox One.

#12 Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

A dogfighting game that’s so fun you’ll want to play it over and over again. The game includes more than 50 missions, so there is no need to worry about keeping yourself busy and entertained. The game is based on the famous World War I aerial combat and showcases both sides of the battle which is a cool twist for a game like this.

The game has an old-school “back in my day” kind of feel to it and has very clean comic-like cutscenes that show combat in a whole new way. While most war games make you feel kind of dark, this game keeps it light and fun with the narrator’s soothing voice between cutscenes and cartoony gameplay. The graphic quality doesn’t mean hyper-realistic, they keep it bright and cheerful to fully enjoy the game.

As you progress and progress through chapters, you’ll earn credits that you can use to upgrade and improve your fighter, which also adds depth and complexity to the gameplay. While the game isn’t overly difficult, it gradually gets harder as you progress and definitely keeps players on their toes.

#11 Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

This combat flight sim is played from a third-person perspective, as are most air combat games. Players take on the role of a member of the Flying Tigers, a squad made up of volunteers recruited by the Chinese military.

Why exactly are we fighting? Well, this game has China fighting Japan during World War II, so that’s the main gameplay concept. The game is based on real events that took place in various historical battles in history, including the invasion of Malaysia and the bombing of Rangoon. The single-player campaign consists of around 20 missions that vary in difficulty, where players will take on several different roles along the way.

The missions themselves have many different objectives, such as dropping bombs on opposing parties or launching torpedoes at unsuspecting ships. The game also has a multiplayer mode where players can fight with up to 16 other players or compete with them in other game modes offered by Co-op.

#10 SkyDrift Infinite

Motion is the core SkyDrift Infinite, an action arcade game with lots of different game modes to enjoy. Players can pilot a collection of modern aircraft with up to 6 power-ups, either solo, with friends or online against other players.

though SkyDrift Infinite Focusing more on the flying experience than dogfights, it still has two aerial combat competitive modes: Deathmatch and Armed Race. In this mode, you can attach weapons to your planes to shoot down your opponents before they reach you.

#9 Bomber Crew

Bomber crew is a simulation and real-time strategy game set in World War II. Players control their own crew to lead their bomber through a series of difficult missions.

Each crew member has a different backstory and skill set. Once your bomber takes off, your crew has to make sure the plane doesn’t run low on fuel or ammunition as danger approaches from every angle. As the war rages on, enemy soldiers will try to take you down whenever they get the chance. Bomber crew This is a complete package for any lover of air combat games, as you not only have to fly your plane through various weather conditions but also manage your crew and tag enemies before they kill you.

#8 War Thunder

War Thunder is a free-to-play MMO with combat on land, sea, and air. You can either pick up a tank to blast infantry, choose a pre-World War I naval ship, or board a plane to rain down death on your enemies.

A large number of combat vehicles in the game are divided into three categories: aviation, ground and fleet. Since this list is about air combat video games, you might not be that interested in the available destroyers and warships. War Thunder There is a huge collection of airplanes and helicopters for you to fly through the three available game modes. Arcade battles simplify the gameplay, so you can focus on killing everyone in sight. Realistic battles are slower, with more realistic settings for aircraft such as rate of climb and rate of turn. Simulator Battles is all about slow combat, with an emphasis on realism with no markers for the enemy or friendly team.

#7 Falconer

Just because you like air combat games doesn’t mean you have to a plane. Solo developer Tomas Sala decided to replace the classic jets with massive warbirds Falconer.

The game takes place in a sea world in which some islands emerge from the tides. Flying a warbird offers a better free flight experience than airplanes and their technical constraints. Your bird can take part in various aerial dogfights as you complete one of the many missions available. In addition to the narrative mode, players can freely explore the game’s open world and complete various side missions.

#6 Century: The Age of Ashes

This third-person shooter takes place in a terrifying and dark fantasy world, full of dragons, waiting for you to mount and release them into the sunset. Players have the ability to choose from three separate classes in the game, such as Marauders, Phantoms, and Windguards.

Each class comes with its own unique skill set, whether it’s a stealthy approach, a skilled hunter, or a healer/support class capable of healing injured allies and allies. The game also has 6 different game modes to keep players engaged for as long as possible and each game mode has extremely fun features to boot.

The main concept is interesting and quite simple; Mount your dragon and burn your enemies or even your friends.

#5 Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue is a rogue-lite air combat simulator with low-poly graphics. The game lets you take down various enemies on land, sea and air with over 12 pilotable planes and 30 weapons. Once you complete the game, you can unlock new secret technologies to become even more deadly.

Low-poly graphics let you completely focus on destroying your enemies without any bells and whistles. As you fly through countless procedurally generated islands, you’ll encounter many enemies, such as giant flying aircraft carriers or battleships. They’ll try to take you down, but if you’re good enough, they should care. Sky Rogue Supports 2-player split-screen local co-op so you can fire from the sky with a friend.

#4 Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Air combat game based on real events. The game follows the story of USA’s secret volunteer squadrons defending China against Japan in the Sino-Burmese-Indian War during World War II.

Since the game depicts real-life events, there are many unique experiences to be had Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. You can participate in various covert operations in fighter, bomber, gunner, reconnaissance, torpedo and night missions. The game features more than 20 friendly and Japanese aircraft with a slow-motion mode to enhance accurate firing. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Supports multiplayer for up to 16 players with online leaderboards.

#3 Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky This is an air combat arcade game set during the First World War. You have the chance to join the squadron of the Red Baron, a pilot with 80 victories to his credit, or lead a manhunt to take him down.

The campaign consists of 50 missions, depending on which side you choose. There are 12 different warplanes available in the game, each with a unique skin. You can play either solo with a local co-op friend with split-screen or against other players in Versus mode. Stylized 3D art of Red Wings: Aces of the Sky With action-packed gameplay and fast-paced aerial battles, nothing takes away from its realism.

#2 Project Wingman

Project Wingman The most realistic combat flight action game on this list. You play as a mercenary pilot who takes part in a war between the United Cascadian Republic and the Pacific Federation on an alternate version of Earth.

Project Wingman Emphasizes air combat, as you have to fly through busy combat zones to take down your enemies. At the peak of the campaign, Project Wingman Features a victory mode to test your skills against waves of enemies and tough bosses. The game supports VR headsets and HOTAS joysticks, so you can fly more than 20 different planes as if you were in the cockpit.

#1 Ace Combat series

Few series are as popular or prolific when it comes to air combat video games Ace Combat. Namco released the first Ace Combat title in 1993 on arcade systems. Eight mainline installments and several spin-offs later, the series is still a staple of combat flight simulators.

The Ace Combat The games kept their arcade roots with fast-paced action and easy controls. While the first game in the series was only available on PlayStation, Ace Combat 6: Fire of Liberation Marked the debut of the series on Microsoft consoles. You can now play the most iconic air combat series on Xbox, including Ace Combat 7: Sky UnknownThe latest installment in the series.