World of Warcraft: Dragonflight The dragon aspects of Azaroth will be seen returning to their home on the Dragon Isles. This mighty creature was last on this island before the Great Sundering of Azeroth tore the world apart and reshaped everything. This incident happened a century before the story of World of WarcraftAnd even before the events Warcraft RTS game. That made Azeroth Azeroth Warcraft The fans know, and it has had a huge lasting impact on the citizens of the world. This is an event that will probably come between Dragonflight story, and it’s one that not all players may be familiar with.

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Thousands of years ago World of Warcraft, Azeroth was mostly condensed into one continent known as Kalimdor. However, this all changed during the War of the Ancients when the Burning Legion first invaded the world. The war would result in an event known as the Great Sundering that breached the Kalimdor continent and created the continent. World of Warcraft. It was a cataclysmic event that shook the very fabric of Azeroth and changed the course of its inhabitants forever.

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What caused the Great Sundering of Azeroth

Ten thousand years before the First War, Azeroth was invaded by the monstrous Burning Legion. The mad titan Sargeras wanted to destroy all life in the universe and wanted access to the world soul of Azeroth. To do this, Sargerus had to convert some people to his side so that they could allow his army to march on Azeroth. He was able to whisper into the minds of Queen Azshara, Xavius, and most of the Highborn. The Highborn wanted to do their new master’s bidding and so Xavius ​​focused the powers of the Well of Eternity to clear the way for the Burning Legion to launch their invasion.

The people of Azeroth did not take this invasion lightly and defended them. A skilled general known as Lord Curtalos Ravencrest united the night elves into the Kaldorei resistance. Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion Stormrage and Illidan Stormrage were several members of this resistance. Along with them, the dragon aspects left their home to help the mortals of Azeroth defeat the villainous Burning Legion.

Battles broke out across the continent of Kalimdor, and many of Azeroth’s heroes would succumb to whispers of madness, including the Black Dragon Aspect Nelltherian. The defenders of Kalimdor would be able to push the Burning Legion back to the portal that opened the Well of Eternity, but that would not be the end. The portal itself will collapse, but the energy expended for the well will prove to be too much and it will become unstable. The well collapsed in the portal and the ground will collapse; The land collapsed as the citizens of Azeroth sought refuge with the dragons.

The Aftermath of the Great Sundering

Eventually, the portal will close and the destruction of the land will stop. The destruction of this portal will cause the oceans of Azeroth to rush in to fill the void left, and this will further change the shape of the world. The once giant continent of Kalimdor was torn apart by a portal and scattered into many smaller continents. These continents will be known as Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and Pandaria. 80% of the original continent was destroyed and Azeroth was not the same.

Where the Well of Eternity once stood, a giant maelstrom formed that would linger in the middle of the ocean. The rest of Highborn, including Queen Aszara, would be drowned in the sea and turned into the infamous Serpent. They will build themselves a new city at the bottom of the Maelstrom known as Nazjatar and players will visit this city. Battle for Azeroth.

Centuries after the Sundaring happened, Azeroth was once again invaded by the demons’ minions. This time, they would come as the first Orcs to form the Horde. These new territories would be divided and the citizens of Azeroth would continue to thrive on this newly shaped world. Few of Azeroth’s current inhabitants were alive during the Great Sandring, but they are all aware of the moment in their planet’s history that changed everything.

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