Nightwing #93 reveals just how different Nightwing and Batman are as they confront corruption and make light of the dark.

though Nightwing was skillfully trained by Batman To fight crime, the former Robin is putting his own twist on his mentor’s techniques, including how he handles people giving information.

Bruce Wayne taught Dick Grayson everything he knows. As Batman’s first Robin, Dick naturally listened to every lesson Bruce taught, but that didn’t mean he agreed with all of them. Their frequent disagreements made their relationship contentious, and Dick struggled on his own to find a new identity outside of Batman. Along the way, he discovers which of Bruce’s teachings he wants to use and which teachings he can live without. Dick eventually emerged from the shadows as Nightwing, a hero who mastered all of Batman’s techniques but also developed his own method of carrying out missions.

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in Nightwing #93, written by Tom Taylor with art by Bruno Redondo, Nightwing tackles one of Bluedaven’s major issues in an un-Batman-like fashion. The commissioner of the Bluehaven Police Department delivers a speech condemning the attack on Haven’s community hub. He declares that Heaven was built to help those who did this. Dick continues the speech, allowing the Commissioner to dig his own grave, before he interrupts and reveals that the perpetrators were actually members of the police department. Oracle broadcasts the evidence to every major news network, successfully exposing the commissioner’s previous speech as nothing more than a lie.

Nightwing’s chosen method is to expose corruption in broad daylight No. How Batman Works Bruce’s preferred method is to black out other people’s communications, such as when he wore a police band during the War Games. He chooses to silence others and embraces the darkness by relying on superstitions and rumours. In contrast, Nightwing offers people More, no less, to shed light on truth than to condemn falsehood in darkness. Tom Taylor Nightwing Rune places a heavy emphasis on Nightwing as a champion of light, and this contrast between his tactics and his mentor’s really makes it clear – he applies this logic to every level of his hero career, and even as a civilian. He is not a creature of darkness who weapons rumours, but an inferno who drags the truth into the light.

though Nightwing And Batman Don’t use the same methods to fight corruption, they’re both tied to the same mission they’ve always shared: to help the people of their city and take down anyone who stands in the way of that goal.

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