Now separated by years and miles from its Greek origins, Kratos Norse is seen embarking on a new adventure in the land of mythology that he had never attempted before. God of war Half of the series is a reboot, almost completely improving the story, characters and gameplay from the original game, but there is also a sequel. This is the same Kratos who passed all those tests against the Greek gods, yet it serves as a jumping point for new players.

The original god of war games was never a very big experience. They focused mainly on small, but still fun, combat encounters, light puzzles, and large, exciting set piece moments to add some variety to the platforming sections. God of war There are still all these elements, minus platforming, but other mechanics such as Open Hub to explore, side quests and RPG elements, to name a few. This makes it the longest entry in the series so far, but How long is it, Exactly? Sit in our boat and let’s find out.

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How long does it take for the god of war to be fulfilled?

This can vary from person to person based on certain things, such as how much side content you decide to do, what problems you face, how often you die, and if you enjoy amazing visuals. However, the average range is between 20 and 25 hours for the average player who just wants to get through the main story. The main story may not seem to take long, only Kratos and his son focus on climbing the mountain to spread his mother’s ashes, however, it quickly becomes too complicated. You will travel throughout the area, meet the fun artists of the characters and explore Lake of Nine on your boat. Not only that, but you will also travel to many other areas, sometimes, which have their own enemies, bosses and puzzles.

The main quest is technically made up of 17 chapters, but since the game never cuts, they are not very useful tools for splitting the game.

If you enjoy any of the side quests you stumble upon, your hours may go from low to mid-30s. On the other hand, if you are a skilled gamer and do nothing but plow into the story, perhaps playing on a simple difficulty, you can reduce that time to about 15 hours or less. It all depends on how much you want to do.

How long will it take for the god of war to be 100% complete?

The world serpent in the god of war

This is what we have mentioned God of war There is more extra content than any previous game, and for anyone who wants to complete this game 100% and find themselves a Platinum Trophy, you will have a challenge. Here’s everything you need to know to complete it God of war:

  • Complete the whole story
  • Take all 45 works of art
  • 38 Open the Mystic Gateway
  • 39 Read the lower marker
  • Find and do all 15 favorites, aka side quests, in Midguard
  • Defeat all eight Valkyrie Super Boss and Valkyrie Queen
  • Free all three dragons
  • Find and read all 11 Jotnar shrines
  • Find and destroy all 51 ravens of Odin
  • Find all 12 treasure maps and find their treasure
  • Find all 14 cipher chests
  • Complete at least 11 real tier encounters

Obviously, there’s a lot to do, though not as terrible as it looks on paper. First, you’re likely to get a lot of this as you progress naturally in the game (unless you’re trying to speed it up or something). Secondly, there are no missing collectibles or searches, so even if you go straight to the end, you can go back and forth anywhere in the game to get what you lost.

You have to follow the guide for many of these things, especially finding that annoying Odin’s Revenge and fighting the Valkyrie Queen alone can increase your game time by hours.

However, if you want an estimate of how long you will be immersed in this game to be 100% complete, you should expect 50 to 55 hours or somewhere in between. While we don’t recommend playing it for the first time, by following the 100% walkthrough guide you’ll be able to get to the bottom of that 50-hour estimate. The best way to experience the game, even if you plan to go platinum, is to play naturally (perhaps avoid hitting any Odin’s ravens so you don’t get confused about what you missed) and then go back. And clean the rest.

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