The master was shaken to learn that the doctor was a timeless child – and the classic TV series explains the depth of his anger against Galliffre.

There are some good reasons why the master trembled when he realized that the doctor was a premature baby Who is the doctor?. Who is the doctor? In season 12, Chris Chibnal launched the biggest ratcon since “The War Games” of 1969, when Time Lords was first introduced. On Gallifre’s final store of knowledge, the master’s efforts to raid the Matrix led him to discover the secrets long buried by Time Lords; The power of reproduction was inherited from the child over time, presumably a pre-existing experience of the universe. He successfully introduced this timeless boy as a doctor.

The master’s reaction was also extreme by his standards. Infuriated by the deception, he committed a heinous act of genocide against his own people and destroyed Gallifre, before taunting the doctors by hinting at her true identity. The doctor was surprised, because her memories of the past had been forcibly erased and so she had no idea what he was talking about. The truth finally came to light when the master took the doctor to the matrix in Galifre’s remains and gave him the same vision he had given him which made him aware of the truth. But Who is the doctor? Season 12 never explains why the master took Timeless Child Recon personally.

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The main thing is that, as a timeless child, the doctor had unlimited reproductions, while the Time Lords were programmed with a limited number of reincarnations. Chibnol’s understanding of the master has a profound effect on this classic series, where the master was inspired by the fear of his death. He set fire to his reproduction very quickly, abandoning them in disguise and risky endeavors, and he went to over-madness in an attempt to prolong his life. In “The Deadly Assassin” he was willing to give up his home world to get more reproduction, in “The Keeper of Trekkin” he was motivated by the fear of death and was willing to work for Time Lords in exchange for a new rebirth cycle. In “The Five Doctors.” The real length of the Master’s curiosity to survive death was revealed in 1996 by Paul McGann. Who is the doctor? TV movie, when he changed something beyond just Time Lord in an attempt to claim the rest of Doctor’s Reincarnation. Considering this case, the master took the Timeless Child Reveal as a personal betrayal, because it meant that the Time Lords had really programmed him with limitations that he did not believe in. No wonder the master hated that outdated boy even more than the doctor.

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Betrayal, of course, is exacerbated by the fact that the doctor – the master’s biggest competitor – does not have these limits. The master has always tried to prove himself greater than the doctor, but now he is less important to her than anything else. She was alive a billion years before he was born, and she will still be there when all his attempts to prolong her life fail.

Or so he initially believed, of course. Doctor Who: Flux Set the final battle of the master with the thirteenth doctor, the incarnation of time warns the doctor that there will be no reproduction at this time. “Beware of the forces that gather against you,“Time told the doctor,”And their guru.“It looks like the master has moved on, aiming to find a way to kill even an outdated child – and, over time, he’s found a way to do it. He will prove himself the lord of death, and therefore the greatest villain Who is the doctor? Determined to return – and repent to the doctor.

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