Time is short. I will try to be concise because most of us have lost our focus and limited ability to concentrate.

We’ve dealt with the fossil-fueled Industrial Revolution card and now the game has begun and the payout is amazing for many. Nearly 8 billion of us are looking at a few thousand people who have accumulated unimaginable wealth and now own our collective destiny. 1% are “home” and home always wins. They demand that we stay in their way, stand in line and play the role of powerless workers and customers.

Other big payouts of the game include year-round wildfires, hundreds of tornadoes, hurricanes, and hurricanes of amazing power. This is amazing if you are not reading meteorology or you live in one of our carefully compressed bubbles.

When local devastation wakes you up from your comfortable sleep, we might ask what you can do. 1% and their management team suggest that we adapt their way and stay. Albert Einstein had said, “You can’t solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created a problem.” Our actions have ruined the card game. For those who stole property and pulled string racks from chips on the table and flew for a leisurely space trip, we should consider a new way of thinking.

Instead of doubling down on the fossil-fuel track, we can avoid getting our property stuck in the Line 3 or Line 5 oil pipeline or at the proposed Fossil-Fuel Power Center, Nemadji Trail Energy Center. Clean, renewable energy away from the ancient fossil-fuel system will cost our resources less towards the future, provide long-term returns, create more meaningful jobs and turn to physical and mental health.

We want a new deck, stacked for survival and abundance, where we can all be home and play a great game for all of us.

At a public hearing a few years ago, when then-Congressman Jim Oberstar called to discuss the impending Gulf War, I suggested some creative options. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz had declared that we had no choice but to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. At that hearing, I declared that we had options: “We can nationalize the oil companies, we can nationalize the big banks, we can nationalize the arms manufacturers, and we can redirect those corporations and our budgets to meet our territorial needs and start healing.” Can do Our lost nation, ”I said. The announcement I received did not require applause. I needed action on that. I didn’t expect a warm hug from the congressman, but I was happy to get his support for the radical actions of the time.

Facing the root of your problems is as important as being radical. The cards of scientific facts are on the table – and they are in front. The source of the disruption to our climate is obvious: it is us. 1% have all the chips and they are leaving the table. This is the time to stop their game, get the chips back and find a fair game, in which we all really win with them.

Fossil-fuel corporations need to be controlled. They will not change on their own. Gaining control over the banks, as we did in 2008, must guide our assets towards future life. Stopping the war games of arms manufacturers is a life-and-death option.

Let’s choose life. Let’s take possession of the cards and face a new game that everyone can win.

Christopher Laforge is a certified master trainer in photovoltaic technology at the Great Northern Solar in Port Wing. He regularly teaches an in-depth, six-week online course called “Batteries in Solar PV Systems.”

Christopher Laforge