Football Manager’s brand new, limited-edition football shirt in support of War Child – a specialist charity for conflict-affected children – has sold out in just a few days.

Less than a week after it went live, the shirt sold out, raising nearly k 30k to help with War Child’s life-changing work (and breaking last year’s sales record).

This is the second year that Sports Interactive, the studio behind the world-famous football manager, has made the football manager FC away shirt available for purchase, giving fans a chance to get only one out of 600. The shirt was designed by the same team that produced the iconic home shirt – Nomad – and the same manufacturer – Hummel.

Football Manager FC is a club of football manager members, giving game fans a first-hand look at sports and studio news, feature drops, and gameplay motivations. Each season the club produces both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ shirts and, while the Home Shirt is reserved for club members’ advertisements, the club’s’ Shirt Sponsor ‘War Child has been made available for sale with the proceeds.

Last season’s sale of away shirts raised k 20k for War Child, with all profits directly supporting War Child’s single goal – to ensure a secure future for every child surviving the war. War Child aims to reach out to children as soon as possible when conflict begins and to deliver life-changing services and support to conflict-affected communities to help keep children safe and help them heal and learn for a better future. All of the proceeds from the sale of this season’s football manager FC Away shirt will go into this life-changing task.

This year’s figure of nearly 30k is a big year for shirts, which will help War Child reach more vulnerable children around the world.

Miles Jacobson, the studio director of Sports Interactive, is the driving force behind the War Child Partnership – a committee member and supporter of the charity for decades – today stepping into the role of industry ambassador for the charity.

His first brush with War Child was in 1995 when in his role as A&R at Food Records, Miles was instrumental in getting Blur included in War Child’s infamous Help Album – which grossed a whopping £ 1.25 million for War Child. Miles’ involvement grew even more when he turned his attention from music to games and joined Sports Interactive. Here he implemented a series of fundraising initiatives – from royalties from each sale of a new game, which to date has raised साठी 1.5 million for the charity – to brand support, awareness creation, marketing and in-game advertising.

Thanks to the partnership, War Child has not only benefited financially but has been seen by millions of people around the world.

Today, Miles continues his dedicated work as part of a new war child project in the Central African Republic that aims to fight poverty, as well as promote sustainability and peace.

Quotes about the sale of football manager’s shirts

No child has started a war, so children should not be affected by the war. This is a simple premise, but unfortunately not a truth. I first came to know about the War Child in the 90’s while providing psychosocial support for children during the Bosnian war. Thirty years later they are providing help in war zones around the world, always looking for the most important problem for children to deal with in that zone.

Whether it is a safe place for children to study in the Central African Republic and Afghanistan, or an abundance of child protection services in Yemen, they have a weak but powerful team that efficiently raises funds and distributes them through their local teams and in the right way. The best topical therapist.

I am able to see for the first time their work in both conflict and post-conflict areas and the difference they have made in the lives of children is truly incredible. I am so grateful for the work they have done and I am proud to have spent so much of their history with them as an organization.

It is an honor and privilege for us and for me personally to participate in their work at Sports Interactive – whether it’s promoting them as a charity, or the donations we can make from people who buy our games, and our community has been very supportive.

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, Developer of Football Manager

We are so lucky that we have miles in the corner. His tireless support and hard work has raised a significant amount of money to raise funds for our critical work around the world and has brought War Child to the map of the gaming industry – resulting in a growing support base. As a reflection of our gratitude for their many years of passion and energy for our cause, we are delighted to welcome them as official industry ambassadors. Miles has really helped to reach out to more children affected by the conflict and give them a better future. “

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child UK

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