Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the next big screen MCU release, coming to theaters in November. And while much has yet to be fully revealed about the film with the villain, there are constant rumors that confirmed cast member Tenok Hर्rta will play a version of Namor, with a back-to-back adaptation of the Kingdom of Atlantis behind it – all over Wakanda War.

Although we are the first to show that nothing has yet been confirmed about Namor and Atlantis’ participation in the Wakanda Forever, we are also prepared to admit that the rumors are interesting – and more or less credible – enough to find out why. And in the comic books, that’s how Wakanda and Atlantis went to war.

The lost kingdom

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Although we won’t go into much of the history of Marvel Atlantis, TL: DR is like a real-world myth and its many versions that you’ve seen everywhere, from animated Disney movies to sci-fi TV shows. The Marvel Comics Empire of Atlantis was once a scientifically advanced but declining nation that was swept under water but continued to thrive by adapting to ocean life.

There are several explanations for how Atlantis sank into the Marvel Universe – two of which may be particularly relevant to the events of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is given to the MCU film The Eternal and Thor: Love and Thunder.

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In a more general account of the sinking of Atlantis, the Celestials are responsible for sending down the waves with the distracted kingdom of Lemuria during an event called the ‘Great Flood’, once they wiped out the Earth of sensitive life.