It was announced today that a limited edition of the War Child football shirt has sold out in just a few days and has raised 30k in the process. This shirt was created by the developers of Sports Interactive, popular football management sim, football manager. This is the second year the studio has made FMFC Away shirts available for purchase, giving fans a chance to purchase just one of the 600.

FMFC is a club of football managing members that allows players to quickly see new features, gameplay inspiration. Studio news on feature drops and games. Each season two football shirts are made for both Home and Away purposes, the latter being dedicated to the club’s shirt sponsor War Child. Last year, Shirt raised 20k, the proceeds of which go directly to ensure a secure future for war-torn children.

War Child’s goal is to reach out to children in the early stages of the conflict, to help deliver life-changing services, and to help vulnerable communities, where safety and their health are paramount. This year’s total of 30k will work even better than last year, helping War Child continue the great work it is doing around the world. Miles Jacobson, studio director of Sports Interactive, has been a big supporter of War Child since 1995 when he worked as an A&R for Food Records, which helped Blur join the infamous Help Album, which grossed £ 1.25 million.

“No child has started a war, so children should not be affected by the war. This is a simple premise, but unfortunately not a truth. I first came to know about the War Child while providing psychosocial support for children during the Bosnian war in the 90s. Miles said. “Thirty years later they are helping in war zones around the world, always looking for the most important problem for children to deal with in that zone. Whether it is a safe haven for children in the Central African Republic and Afghanistan, or an abundance of child protection services in Yemen, they have a weak but powerful team that efficiently raises funds and distributes them fairly through local teams. Local physician. “

Since joining Sports Interactive, he has continued to work with War Child and has raised another £ 1.5 million, including fundraising activities, brand support, awareness creation, marketing and in-game advertising. Today, Miles dedicates his work to a new war child project in the Central African Republic that aims to fight poverty, while at the same time promoting sustainability and peace.

He continued, “I am able to see their work for the first time in both conflict and post-conflict areas and the difference they have made in the lives of children is truly incredible. I am so grateful for the work they are doing and I am honored to have spent so much of their history with them as an organization. It is an honor and privilege for us and for me personally to participate in their work at Sports Interactive – whether it’s promoting them as a charity, or the donations we can make from people who buy our games, and our community has been very supportive. “

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child UK, said: “We are very lucky to have Miles in our corner. His tireless support and hard work has raised a significant amount of money to raise funds for our important work around the world and has brought War Child to the map for the gaming industry – resulting in a huge increase in support. We are delighted to welcome him as the official industry ambassador as a reflection of our gratitude for his many years of passion and energy for our cause. Miles has really helped to reach out to more children affected by the conflict and give them a better future. “

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