He says Sting is undoubtedly an icon, and given that he remains semi-active for AEW at 63, it’s sometimes easy to forget (approaching). Forty Years!) And his career was very long. He is one of the most popular stars in the industry and has played a central role in some of his most memorable angles.

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Perhaps because he always wears a lot of face paint, his opponent has adopted the approach of occasionally disguising himself (or hiring someone else) throughout his career. While people like Barry Windham and Jeff Jarrett take turns applying makeup in different places, the most famous example is in WCW in 1996 when a little-known lower-carder named nWo and Jeff Farmer hatched a conspiracy that changed the way makeup was done. “Stinger’s career is forever.

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Stinger’s loyalty is questioned

In the first few months after Hulk Hogan’s heel was turned on the Bash at the Beach PPV in July 1996, and the first few months after the NWO was formed, the Renegade group ran after everyone he threw at them: Sting, Lex Lugar, Randy Savage, Rick Flair, and so on. Eventually, Hogan, Hall and Nash were joined by Syxx and WCW’s first defender, The Giant, who set the stage for several multi-man matches.

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Since 1993, Fall Brawl has hosted the company’s War Games matches. Just as Hall and Nash led to the bash, he was threatening a surprise partner for the nWo ’96 version. Then, on the go-home nitro before the September PPV, when the “sting” (which was noticed earlier in the show due to his absence) came out of the Rogue Organization’s limo and attacked Lex, he was seen waving his hand.

War Games: Sting vs … Sting?

Despite Horsman’s suspicions, it didn’t make sense that Sting – who was the company’s best indigenous babyface of the decade, hand-down – would decide to go against his partners. (He may not have trusted Flair and Ern Anderson anyway, but we diversify.) Luger had fun publicly questioning Sting’s loyalty before the match, and despite his spontaneous denial by his “best friend,” Total Package hit hard. Down him.

As the action unfolds, all the drama focuses on whether Sting will still participate – and if so, in what capacity? When he appeared as the last NWO participant with Hogan, Hall and Nash, fans seemed to have their answer. However, it soon became clear to viewers on PPV that he was not Steve Borden in makeup and costume. The Real Sting later appeared as WCW’s final teammate and quickly cleared the attackers’ home, but after sharing a few select words with Lugar and his so-called “partners”, he abandoned them for the rest of the evening.

Imitation is an honest form of ridicule

The “matching” with Stinger for Farmer may have seemed to end, which for a few years was under the same gimmick as the visual half of the short-lived “Thunder and Lightning” tag team with the company. As well as the Cobra, a custom military-themed opponent for sergeants. Craig Pitman.

Related: Underfaker and 10 other wrestling impostorsHowever, while the actual sting morphed into later Crow-As a character he adopted for the rest of his career, the farmer continued to appear under parallel gimmicks, gradually adopting a more humorous and satirical approach. He was never introduced as a ringleader (in the US – more so later), yet he found a place in several nWo skits to oppose the icon, and more than once he was exposed to the real thing. Appearance of Scorpion Death Drop.

The humor of one country is the star of another

As the classic storyline of the original Sting progressed in 1997, Farmer – now commonly known as “nWo Sting” – appeared in New Japan with the organization’s main satellite members, such as Masa Chono, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, and others. For some reason, the Gaijin Taking Sting’s true popularity among Japanese fans, he also fell in love with his fans abroad.

The farmer divides his time into the States and its lucrative side gig for a while, yet occasionally the Stateside is hired by the enemy (usually nWo-related) to mock and / or distract the real icon, until the final WCW appears in July 1999. Meanwhile, the former swindler came to be known simply as “Super J” in Land of the Rising Sun, with the American version helping to lead the successful nWo spinoff for some time after the shark jumped.