As soon as Alastair Clarkson left Hawthorne at the end of 2021, the AFL coaching great began to drum up on where to go next.

Clarkson has announced that he will be taking some time off and will not be joining another team – but that has not stopped the chatter and 11 months are still going on.

Now the departure of David Noble as coach of North Melbourne is going to speed things up.

Initially, Carlton and Collingwood responded to Clarkson’s decision with the appointment of Michael Voss and Craig McRae, respectively – and both choices benefited.

For the rest of the football world, “Where is Clarco?” The game came to a head, where any scene or information makes headlines – such as a clip of a four-time premiered coach in the Golden State Warriors arena in San Francisco next to the big game.


Whatever the photos and footage of Clarkson’s trip / fact-finding mission abroad, the unspoken idea from most people was that he would return to the AFL squad next year, not this year.

As a result, any team showing insecurity or impatience about their situation came under discussion as a possible next destination for Clarco.

Re-signing reduces the options for Clarkson

Leon Cameron leaves GWS after nine rounds, speculation spread that Alastair Clarkson will move to the Giants in 2023.(Getty Images: Mark Colby)

When Leon Cameron left the GWS mid-season, it seemed inevitable that there would be a bid war for Clarkson’s signature.

As the season progressed, the ground became very narrow.

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