God of War 4 was one of the most critically acclaimed games to hit our screens in the last generation. The visuals are still very crisp, and the storyline is remarkable that it really stands the test of time, but the series doesn’t stop as Santa Monica Studios teases another installment to the franchise in the name of God of War. : Ragnarok. A lot has changed since the first game and the newest game. So here are the biggest changes from the prequel to God of War!

Changes in directors

God of War – Director

God of War was originally your typical hack n slash video game with a 2022 lens that didn’t have much in its sleeve. But God of War 4 was a tremendous leap in the right direction. It was originally rediscovered from the ground up and would not have been possible without the help of Corey Barlog, the game’s main director.

But it’s unfortunate to say that Barlog will not lead the show in Ragnarok’s development this time around. He may be working on small projects in the development of the game, but he has been officially replaced by the venerable Eric Williams as director.

Eric Williams is also a veteran of video games and has been at SIE Santa Monica Studios since 2004. He has worked primarily on designing artwork, video game assets, and character models, among many other things, and has played a variety of roles. On almost every mainline game in the series, which is nothing to joke about.

Even though Corey Barlog has been in the limelight, considering that Eric Williams has a tremendous resume of his own, the god of war, Ragnarok, seems to be in good hands.

The story so far

The god of war turns into a story
God of War – Cratos and Atrius in battle

It seems that Young Atreus has grown a bit and is approaching youth. He is asking a lot of questions this time and is beginning to master the basics of living in the desert.

Hesitant to change Kratos. He still tries to hide in the desert, but Atreus wants answers. It looks like Fimbulwinter has wreaked havoc on the midguard and everything has turned to ice.

Still, Atrius and Kratos are experts at survival and have tried their best to complete it in the winter. It is quite obvious that by the end of Fimbulwinter, Ragnarok will use the world.

Fathers and sons seem to have contradictory opinions on this issue. Kratos wants to do his best to protect his child, but Atrius gets out of his shell and demands an answer that could lead to a full-scale war.

Atrius tells him to think like a general, which Kratos refuses because it reminds him of the bitter mistakes of his past. The story has become very dear to the hearts of the players as it navigates through the weak bond between Kratos and Atreus and how it will play a decisive role in their efforts to reduce Ragnarok. This is definitely a big change in God of War, considering the strong bond between the two in the prequel.

There will be no troll

If you are looking forward to the third edition of God of War: Ragnarok, we have bad news for you. Santa Monica Studios is already tired of working on the latest installment of their God of War. It’s going to be great, that’s for sure, and they want to make the end of the series right. That’s for the Norse saga of the series.

We don’t know what the god of war holds for us in the future in terms of other areas of mythology, but Santa Monica Studios has made it abundantly clear that the game’s Nordic mythology is about to officially end. The second and final installment.

Ragnarok is going to be a nail in the coffin of the god of war, Norse Saga, and it seems to make sense. Ragnarok is the end of Norse mythology, and there aren’t many stories to tell after that.

But don’t worry, because the upcoming God War is also going to be amazing. Santa Monica Studios and PlayStation have made sure to combine some great story elements, twists and turns in the game and this is going to be a great ride.

Eric Williams made sure to issue a statement and said that Ragnarok is really going to happen in God of War Ragnarok and we are going to end the Norse saga with that.


God of War The biggest change in characters
God of War – Atreus and Sindri

This is going to be a memorable journey in terms of the character roster. We get to see Kratos and Atrius re-act with their own father and son interactions and moments. Don’t forget the headless mime with its own words of wisdom for the traveling couple.

Things also got a little interesting as we peeked at the blacksmith and hardworking dwarf brothers, Brock and Cindy, who made armor and resources for us in the prequel. They were happy to see Atrius and Kratos in action again. We also saw a new face with the dwarf brothers and saw him sucking on an octopus or a squid on his arm, which had no explanation.

Freya is back and looking for revenge on Kratos’ head for ending her child. Freya had some deep problems and we hope she solved them this time.

Anyway, these two Norse Gods of War are in search of Tire, whom Odin considers dead, but we are surprised that he is alive and well and that Kratos and Atrius need his help. We can also witness Thor, the God of Thunder, in action. Don’t forget Odin, the king of Asgard and Angarboda, the last giant. There are plenty of characters to go around!

Traversal system

The God of War in Traversal is the biggest change
God of War – Sled

The traversal system is the biggest change in its prequel to God of War, and it’s all due to fimbulwinter. Gone are the days of gently sailing through the water, and father and son chatting quickly and sharing a thing or two. This time, since all the water and lakes in Midgard are frozen, the trail is going to be faster than before, so what’s the only option to navigate between Midgard and the nine areas? Sleds and wild animals.

The midguard is going to ride the Kratos sledge to navigate at various points, which may be a bit faster than the prequel’s traversal system. That is not to say that the boat is being completely removed from the game. We still get to see a bit of boating activity from time to time. But in Midguard’s fimbulviter, Kratos will most likely rely on the wolf’s sledge on the frozen pond of the nine.


New locations
God of War – Swartlefam

In God of War we all remember that players got access to only a few of the 9 areas mentioned in the game. That was definitely disappointing. We expected DLC to enter additional areas but to no avail.

Well, in the new installment of God of War it looks like players can enter all 9 areas. It seems that the God of War: Ragnorak will leave no stone unturned when considering the density and diversity of geographical locations on the map. In the prequel you can visit only 6 of the 9 areas, but now you can visit all 9 of those areas.

This means that as the story progresses in Ragnarok, the realms of Vanaheim, Asgard and Svertulfheim will eventually become accessible. But that’s not to say they’re scraping old places. You’ll still be able to explore it, and hopefully, more content and side searches will be added this time around to entice players more.


God of War 4 did it very well with its sweet, crisp and satisfying gameplay mechanics. The game was not easy. It wasn’t a hack n slash and it was just the right amount of challenge you could ask for.

But like all developers, Santa Monica Studios is looking to expand their previous titles and make major changes to the Battle of God of War prequel. They once again want to improve and build combat systems and gameplay from the ground up and incorporate better weapons, assets, movements, combos and move sets so that players can go into their own combo frenzy.

We got to witness this first hand in God of War 4, who played combos somewhat like DMC5. The game focuses on players choosing either defensive options and tough tactics or using tactics and stealth to sneak up on enemies. Another breath of fresh air to the god of war in the form of Ragnarok.

Like the original God of War games, the game is said to have a lot of verticality, so expect to drop enemies and yourself in the air!

Enemy diversity

New enemy
God of War – the new enemy

The God of War did a lot of things right, but it lacked an aspect that bothered many players; A variety of enemies to fight us in the prequel to the game. It was very tiring to use the same old tactics to fight and defeat the recurring enemies.

Despite the amazing combat system, the repetition alone has left it halfway through the game. We’re sure you’ll find it boring to encounter drug addicts again and again!

But fortunately, there is going to be a big change in the prequel from the previous God of War! It looks like many types of enemies that didn’t fit into the prequel’s original cut will make their debut in the new game.

This doesn’t mean that Santa Monica hasn’t cheated on new enemies for their next installment, as shown in the trailer, if they have full faith in the trailer for the purpose of creating publicity in the first place. Will there be new enemies? Yes, but will there be more variety? We can only hope so far.

PS4 and PS5 ports

We know for sure that God of War Ragnarok should be the PlayStation 5 unique title. It’s all good and daddy because it’s a long tradition with console-unique titles. We know that the game will run at 4k to 60 fps with all the settings cranked to the ceiling for the PS5.

Optimization will definitely be in place, but there is still a question lingering that we cannot answer. Will it come on PS4? We hope that Sony will not start releasing their older consoles with the same awful and different ports as the PS2-PS3 era. But we think the PlayStation Studio blog has finally confirmed that the game will come to the PS4, albeit with some significant downgrades in terms of character model, texture, framerate and resolution.

PC port?

Okay, we’re getting the PS4 port. That was pretty much expected, but what about the PC port of God of War? Given that we got it almost 4 years after the release of a PC port for the God of War of 2018, it’s really a question of controversy, which is really a long time coming. By then many players had already completed the game on the PS4, so there was no use for the PC port except for the amazing graphics.

But this time the PS5 is expensive and enjoying the God of War Ragnarok on a-1000-console is not financially feasible. So, there is always a faster and cheaper option which is a gaming PC. But then again, we don’t know when we’ll see Ragnarok’s PC port.

There is still some good news lingering in the shadows. Sony has made sure to get a PC port specialist called Nixxes Software who specializes in porting many Playstations Titles to PCs to take advantage of PC stuff.

It is clear that the release date for Ragnarok for PS5 or PC has not been confirmed. This could happen given Sony’s big plans for the PC gaming space in the near future.

And these are all the biggest changes that the God of War changes from the prequel we know so far! From different locations and enemies to the new director! There are definitely changes. But the game looks promising and we can only hope that these changes will be the best!

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