We’ve been killing gods in the game for years, but they’ve never been as brutal, graphic, and horrible as the God of War series. Playing the role of the Spartan warrior Cratos, the son of Zeus in Greek mythology, we encounter in his early games alone almost every major and minor god and the Greek mythological creature of mythology. In his subsequent reboot / sequel, Kratos is in a new land for a bigger encounter than life with a new set of gods and demons.

While the series has caught people’s attention for its over-the-top violence, these titles have more than just a screaming, shirtless man. Although many attribute the series ’growth entirely to the 2018 title, there’s always a deeper story behind Kratos’ rage. From its debut on the PlayStation 2 to its more subdued and personal journey on the PS4, we’ve followed the next journey from one of Kratos’ legends to give each God of War game a place from best to worst.

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God of War (2018)

We’ll see why Kratos wasn’t one-dimensional enough to be cast for the most part, yet the team didn’t try to present him that way in front of an audience. God of war The game took on a character and series that had run its course and rediscovered it for a more mature and subtle kind of experience. Yes, you are still a god who can knock people out of the mountains and throw trolls on the lakes, but those moments are used with so much restraint that they become effective again. In most of the stories, Kratos is trying No. To use his power and only to contact his foreign child, whom he fears will end up like himself. This is the story of a man trying to grow beyond what he was and learning how to take care of another, always pulling back to his old ways.

I.e., God of war There is still a game, and you will fight a lot in it. The show’s new star is undoubtedly Leviathan Ax, who can swing, throw and remember like Kratos Thor’s hammer. There’s nothing really new about how satisfying every aspect of this weapon is, so we’re not going to waste time trying here. Otherwise, when we don’t like the gear system (loot in God of war In our opinion, doesn’t feel right), the change to a more intimate combat style looks amazing compared to a steady camera angle with a crowd of enemies for crowd-control.

God of War 2

Kratos standing near the burning city.

How will you follow the game as before? God of war? You grow up God of War 2 How the sequel should be in every aspect. It looks better and has more weapons, abilities, cinematic boss and set pieces. At this point in the story, Kratos has fulfilled his wish. He killed Ares, whom he blamed for cheating to kill his family, and took his place. However, revenge is never the answer and Kratos’s wrath is not satisfied, he abuses his divine powers until the rest of the gods come forward to stop him. Zeus makes him mortal once again, and he must pull himself out of the underworld on a new expedition to bring down his father, Zeus.

The second chapter of Kratos’s journey is decisive for his personality. Trying to quell one’s anger with violence is indicative of how more anger, violence, and self-destruction occur. Kratos is still looking for external things to blame for his internal problems, thus never facing them. Instead of taking personal responsibility for his past, he is ready to challenge Zeus, the most powerful god (not to mention his father).

God of War 3

Poseidon is seen attacking.

God of War 2 Is a pure setup for God of War 3. The last game ends when the Cratos and Titans begin to besiege Mount Olympus, and this game promises how epic such an event would be. And honestly, for some people out there, the start time of this game or even longer may be enough to get it out. God of War 2. The game basically starts with a climax – the largest, most graphically impressive set-piece ever seen in the series – and you don’t even get a moment to breathe until you hit the teeth and nails on the mountain behind Titan. Facing a multi-phase boss battle with Poseidon.

The rest of the game isn’t weak in any way, but it’s a bit uneven in pacing. Still, as a result of the original troll, everything the series promises to fans makes it better. The rest of the Greek gods you want to meet in the most brutal depictions of violence still displayed by Cratos (we’re looking at you, Helios), but Cratos doesn’t get much of a chance to show any character. The very end. This is when he feels like a machine of anger in the original troll, which is embarrassing because his father Zeus had so much more potential in his struggle with him. Yet, acknowledging his selfish desire for revenge, Kratos’s end basically destroyed the whole world, and apparently self-sacrifice was not only necessary for the story, but also set his turn perfectly in reboot.

God of war

Cratos standing with burning blades.

Back to where it all started, God of war Let us know what we felt from jumping into the big introductory battle against Hydra. This set the tone for the entire series, giving us a taste of the larger-than-life boss, the brutal quick-time event animation, and the sheer power of Kratos. The title depends not only on being a spectacle, but also an excellent ground-level battle (if it is even basic by today’s standards), a fun puzzle-solving game to break fun progress, mysteries and action. . God of war Given the many unlockable and plenty of replay values ​​to meet the challenges, unfortunately, are much less common in modern games. It’s just embarrassing that platforming is kind of awful.

For the story, God of war One can expect a game as true as modern Greek myth. Kratos has the saddest backstory of any character, who in a fit of rage kills his family’s ashes to stain his skin permanently so that he never forgets his sins. If it doesn’t come out of Greek myth, then nothing. His background is well handled here, based on the narrative, although his primary motivation for killing Ares is harshly criticized for killing his family as his own fault. Yet, vaguely, this is a major part of its growth in later times.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta
God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The second PSP game in the series has the advantage of being built first but will always be limited by the hardware for which it was built. God of War: Ghost of Sparta Fighting mountain-sized enemies like console games can’t give us the same sense of scale and surprise, and the player will have to rely on other ways to wow. One way to do this is with a set of incredibly diverse and detailed environments and small set pieces. The gameplay feels almost at the level of PS2 titles but not everything is long and varied with weapons, abilities and innovations.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta It places itself in the first two major entries of the series and therefore is limited in how much it can really affect the story. However, despite these setbacks, she actually manages to draw a story that does a lot for Kratos ’character. As it seems to be out of thin air, Kratos goes to Atlantis and realizes that his previously mentioned brother is alive and tries to free him. While his brother’s fortunes are at stake, since he may not appear in future games he has already made, watching him interact with the Kratos family is the first step toward his personality. God of war (2018).

God of War: Ascension

A giant cyclops in chains.

This is the last game played before the reboot, and the boy has proved that the series reached its limits in the traditional genre. By the time we got back to the original developer and home console, if not the whole series, they had turned to the chains of the prequel even after they left the third game at the very crucial point for the setting. This time, we’ve been sent back to the very beginning point of the timeline, 10 years before the first game event, but if you’re just playing the game, you can’t tell. The fight here is somehow worse, with more punishment being given to the player without enough new tools to fight back. Cody is also not inspiring, and multiplayer mode was the biggest sign that the series was losing its way in your imagination.

God of War: Ascension Trying to make something interesting by dividing the storyline into two periods – one current, the other three weeks ago – but it becomes an excuse to reuse the atmosphere instead of telling an interesting story. It’s all about Ares being betrayed and Kratos being hunted down by the Furious for breaking his oath after God “tricked” him into killing his family. The whole story feels like she’s spinning her wheels when there’s nothing hilarious, revealing, or really interesting to do for Kratos.

God of War: The Chain of Olympus

Kratos is holding a spike.

Our first PSP game was undoubtedly ambitious but the fast, fluid battle of the main series clearly struggled to transfer to smaller hardware. As a result, this game has the least battles so far, and despite being the shortest game instead, it is disappointingly slow, mostly due to puzzle solving. The battle, when it is, feels fine, even though it has the least amount of weapons and capabilities ever. Once you have conquered the short story, all that remains is the challenge of Heads mode, which is a bite-sized level where you are given a task to complete that opens up some basic things like concept art.

Wow, do you believe that? Another prequel? Hmmm God of War: The Chain of Olympus Binds himself to the past. It was the oldest game in the timeline when it came out, Ascension Then it will go further back. The game is set while Kratos is still in the service of the gods, performing tasks such as killing the Persian king and Basilisk, rescuing Helios, and other mythical feats that only Kratos can do. And that’s what this game story looks like: a series of actions to characterize Kratos.

God of War: Betrayal

Kratos attacking a horse skeleton.

You may be wondering what this game is because almost no one talks about this mobile title. God of War: Betrayal This shovel ware is as perfect a title as it is appropriate. It’s certainly not as bad as modern mobile games, before the real onslaught of microtransactions and pay-to-win elements, when the popular IP was the genre to slap on the barebones product. It’s a 2D sidescroller, somewhat like the old-school Beat-M-ups, just trying to incorporate that puzzle and platforming … with fewer results.

Around this time is the villain Argos, who is tasked by other gods to stop Cratos and his Spartan army as they invade the entire country. Argos is killed by someone else, although Kratos was prepared for the murder, which only angered God. It’s all very imaginative and uninteresting. Moreover, as a mobile game, Kratos gets minimal characterization and it is really your incarnation for the smooth gameplay.

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