All of the women’s gold venom (attraction, i.e.) in NXT, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade finally won the tag belt this week from Gigi Dolin and Jesse Jenny. Perez and Jade have a bit more backstory than many patchwork teams, and at the age of 20 and 21, respectively (or any WWE?) They may be the youngest pair to hold a tag belt.

Team 2001 (the year they were both born) can be easy to see a good state because WWE is more on these two; Io Shirai’s emergency medical skills helped Jade win the War Games, while Perez has built a rocket on her back since coming into the Rainbow brand. Given their age, look, and existing ring proficiency, they have an overall ceiling.

The NXT women’s tag section is better than the main roster version (but who isn’t), and the lack of toxic attraction made the second take back, making it hard to see who will lose them in the near future. Although Katana Chance and Kaden Carter are favorites.

Team Ninja is changing attitudes after failing to win the championship once again and this is a great character refresh. In the ring, they are an exciting, fast-paced team with innovative offense and excellent chemistry. But their personalities were stuck for some time in “girls who love to dance and have a good time”. Due to the lack of heel teams, and their previous match with Team 2001 was fun, it will be easy to see this as the next event.

The first phase involves beating Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. Diamond Mine member and Fact Vanabe has teamed up a bit, with Ivy’s through line to show Tatum her worth. After the KCs selected Paxley for two weeks in a row, this match makes sense for all participants. Tatum will probably get a result and then maybe we will get a montage of Ivy that will make her do workouts for a while and with that she will reach the level of a team-building athlete. Bits of character work and storytelling like that make NXT better.

Valentina Feroz and Ulyssa Leon will also be interesting contestants, but not likely in the near future. Their main task is to nurture talent while playing really enjoyable matches. But if they keep making progress and NXT gives them a chance, there’s no reason they won’t be eligible challengers by the end of the year. Moreover, the new champs need heels to stay for a while and Feroz and Leon are currently doing well as babyfaces.

Others will book Surrey and Thea Hale’s Chase U team as competitors. And anything with Chase U is a great time and it will be an interesting team, but Sarai hasn’t been around U for some time. Even though Chase U has a field trip to the NXT UK, and that’s where Sarre has been recently, there’s probably a chance.

What about the second main roster cameo? It’s not that Doudrop and Nikki ASH have been showing much interest lately. Doudrop went straight to the main roster from NXT UK and since Nikki is now playing a different role, any matchups here will be fresh. And beating them will significantly increase the team’s 2001 credibility – although it will reverse the main roster team rather than defeat NXT Talent.

Beyond that, NXT has a lot of new and evolving talent in its women’s division, adding one or two enhanced teams won’t be difficult. One way or another, the women’s tag scene in NXT turned out to be very interesting.

The following tag team power rankings consider victories, power and segment placements, recent visibility, creative direction and momentum for teams and groups.

WWE Tag Team Power Ranking as of July 8:

1. Bloodline (last week: 2)

Pro: Alas, the pursuit of the Romans to make the three who hold all the Unified Gold more relevant. Usos had an instant victory over Los Letharios.
Cons: It looks like The Usos is not yet complete with Street Profits, which is good news especially for wrestling fans.

2. Roxana Perez and Cora Z / Team 2001 (5)

Pro: Not only did your new NXT women’s champs take that gold out of their toxic attraction, but Roxanne Perez’s eye is now on Mandy Rose’s big prize.
Cons: She seems less likely to become a champ-champ, although it is clear that NXT is high on her.

3. Road Profit (2)

Pro: Profit is clearly an important part of Rocha and he won the six-man tag along with Bobby Lashley. Now it will be a group that will match The Bloodline nicely!
Cons: Can they finally beat the twins with all the men’s tag gold?

4. Creed Brothers (or Are They Diamond Mines?) (3)

Pro: The Creeds defeated their clear teammates in a proper physical match to retain the gold medal.
Cons: It’s hard to say the team’s overall position because Roderick Strong is a kind of shocker.

5. Toxic attraction (4)

Pro: As long as Mandy still has gold, and her teammates have the ability to take back the belt, they are a top team on the NXT.
Cons: But NXT is less toxic when Gigi and Jacy don’t have titles.

6. The (Notes Check) New Vicious Viking Riders (9)

Pro: Sending Jinder Mahal and Shanki (unless new needed) looked evil and hit New Dela again
Cons: Okay, but is the “new lie” really a new drinking game?

7. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (6)

Pro: The NXT UK title holders want to host an introductory pool party for In Your House, which is probably the next best thing for the competition.
Cons: They will definitely have competition while defending the title against Pretty Deadly.

8. The Mysterious (No Rank)

Pro: Eddie Guerrero went into playback to win DQ on Judgment Day on Raw.
Cons: Judgment Day is certain to get that victory back, right?

9. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams (10)

Pro: The A Champ retained and Trick Wiley added W at In Your House.
Cons: After a tricky (albeit clever) victory over the trick, it doesn’t seem to be complete with Wes Lee.

10. Browling Bruts (8)

Pro: Sheamus’s crew revolves around SmackDown’s main event.
Cons: Including a bait and switch and a pin from Butch Drew McIntyre this week.

Best tag section of the week: The title change naturally earned the position, and given how toxic attraction ruled the NXT, the big news is that Team 2001 won.

Grade: B +

Remember the main-roster women’s tag titles? If you are also a fan of tag wrestling then this is really the main missing factor.

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