While skulls and bones are already experiencing tedious development, leaving Ragnarok against the war of the demonic gods is a bad outcome for Ubisoft.

Skull and bonesThe Sea-Farring Pirate game, released on Ubisoft on November 8, is almost certain that the game will sink to retail. God of Ragnarok War. That’s not to say that the game won’t have a share of fans and enthusiasts who either don’t get enough of the pirate game or like the Ubisoft Open-World formula – but time seems a bit unfortunate. As Ubisoft prepares to release two AAA games this year after a long lull, it is difficult to understand the decision-making process behind the announcement within two days of this date. God of Ragnarok WarAnnouncement. Still, some hints can put together a big story.

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Skull and bones It was officially unveiled at E3 in 2017 with a 2019 targeted release window, but development of the game had already begun. Development is ongoing Skull and bones (Then still formally styled “Skull and bones“) Can be found in 2013, since it was initially connected Assassin’s Creed 4: The Black Flag, Set to become the new multiplayer game element. However, due to internal reasons still largely unknown, the scope of the game increased, eventually Skull and bones Convert to a completely separate title. Unfortunately, a number of hurdles prevented Ubisoft Singapore from completing the championship; The original company in Montreal must have been delayed more significantly by years of controversy, by internal politics.

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However, Kotaku has reported a number of internal issues with the game’s failure, including quotes from internal developers, “If the skull and bones were competitors, they would have already been killed 10 times.“It may not be a live broadcast, but God of Ragnarok WarThe hype is huge – as big as it is in terms of mainstream releases. The best game of the year 2019 is in discussion at many outlets, its sequel God of war Expect by the roof. Co Ragnarok‘S release date finally unveiled Skull and bones Now the console is going to be two-to-two with games that will be sold on the shelves of the Sony store. This shared release window means that those who have a different console will also be shuffling Skull and bones Deposit on the new PS5 to take action as soon as possible. Also, God of warThe Midgard apocalypse setting hits a niche that the game can share with pirate fans – Norse mythology. While grand pirate battles and looting will have no effect on the game, there is no doubt that aspiring parties will cross.

Livestream of skulls and bones does not show a game that can defeat the god of war

Skull and bones fight the ship.

The Kotaku report mentioned earlier also sheds light on it Skull and bonesThe budget is reported to have cost more than $ 200 million. Due to additional funding / agreement with the Government of Singapore, the game is expected to be released soon. Despite the high-profile exit from Ubisoft Singapore and a rocky development cycle, it looks like the recent aftermath Skull and bones livestream, the title is undoubtedly coming soon. However, the level of polish also appears to be somewhat lower, with many early promising materials potentially missing. Although God of Ragnarok War Not shown at Summer Game Fest 2022, its initial display looks more cohesive than what was shown Skull and bones.

History seems to be repeating itself, but this time it is on Sony’s side. Earlier this year, Sony was in the final stages of release Horizon Forbidden West A week ago Alden Ring – And as the sales chart shows, it’s clear Alden Ring Was victorious in that battle. The main difference here is that Forbidden West While it has performed respectably and continues to do so, Ubisoft has a lot to lose when playing against something like Juggernaut. God of war. It’s never fun for a game to fail because of bad times, but Skull and bones The big battle against is on the way to defeat God of Ragnarok War.

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Source: Kotaku, Ubisoft

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