Oops I’m heartbroken! I’m going to set up the ship at the end of the wood, skull and bone scissors. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is my favorite throughout the series, so even though Skull and Bones took many years to ride that wave of speed, I’m still hoping for it. So why is Satasamudra floating to die?

On his face, November 8 is a great release date. It has the reputation of being Ubisoft’s biggest pre-Christmas game, even beyond Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. We are still waiting for the official release date, but it is expected in 2022 along with the sequel to the film. In a vacuum, November 8 is an ideal time to bring your game to the world. There is only one problem – God of War Ragnarok is launching on November 9th.

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The spectators of both games are generally the same. The story, tone and gameplay are all different, but to a large extent they are mass market games targeting both casual and semi-casual playerbases. The hardcore crowd will keep an eye on both of these, but neither of them has specific titles that only the most dedicated players will take. There are players who only buy three or more games a year and aim to become one of the two, Skull and Bones and God of War. The god of war is going to win.

Of course God of War is not ashamed to be sold by Ragnarok. This is the most anticipated game left in the calendar and is probably second only to Alden Ring in terms of overall publicity. I have no idea what Ubisoft’s internal projections for skulls and bones are, but they can’t be higher than Ragnarok. That’s not really the point. Not that it won’t sell Ragnarok, it’s just that while launching the same weekend, it doesn’t give itself any chance. Not only will players be forced to choose (and then choose Ragnarok), but there will also be a general discussion of streamers, journalists and conversation. Skulls and bones have no hope.

Worst of all, there is no real reason for this. Both Breath of the Wild 2 at Starfield found themselves late in 2022. God of War and Hogwarts Legacy are the only two major release balances, and the latter rely entirely on the controversial IP. Fantastic Beasts 3 alone could not succeed behind Harry Potter. Hogwarts Legacy will still do well, but you have to respect the other game to take it further. Going against the God of War is a suicidal mission.

Customize the ship that teases new leaks in the skull and bones

There are a lot of gaps in the calendar for skulls and bones, and at this point, what’s the harm with another delay? You might think Ubisoft is throwing wolves (or Fenrirs) to make room for avatars, but with so many big guns coming out, there’s now more than one window available.

I know the launch dates are planned before their revelation, and Ubisoft has probably chosen it before God of War shows his hand. But at the moment Ragnarok knew, Ubisoft had to take a break. Or whatever breaks there are on a pirate ship. Anchor, perhaps. Yes, Ubisoft wanted to pump the anchor. There is no world in which this means. Option A means Ubisoft has set the algorithm for the best date in early November, and Ragnarok’s late complication has been considered enough, and Option B means Ubisoft thinks skulls and bones will sink and is using God of War as a cover. Option C at night is that Ubisoft is trivial for a game that caused it a lot of problems, but hopefully that’s not a factor.

Even this week, the god of war interrupted the calendar. We saw Forespoken delayed again for “strategic” reasons, which is a very clear code for ‘we are moving forward to get out of the way of war’. There is no shame in that.

Skulls and bones can be great or they can be horrible. The problem is that no one will know because they will be too busy playing God’s war instead.

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