The final ballots for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 at Dodger Stadium have been cast and the starters have been announced.

Fan opinions have long been used to determine the starting lineup for each league. Players’ ballots, including the MLB Commissioner’s Office, will now select the starting pitcher, reserve players and the rest of the pitching roster for each league. Fan opinion is a great way to select players in which fans see the most popular players competing in the game. The disadvantage of the fan vote is that in the first half of the current season, players who are more qualified for the starting position based on their performance alone may be reserved several times, while a more popular player with inferior results may get a yes.

With that in mind, what would it look like if the starting lineup of MLB All-Star Games for each league was based solely on fWAR (FanGraphs WAR) rather than fan voting?

It’s a reprehensible idea that will never come true, you might be thinking. Well, in fact, within the newly agreed CBA, there is part of the money pool for top pre-arbitration players that will be offered based on the version of WAR. It remains to be seen what variants of MLB’s WAR will look like, but it’s not far-fetched to think that all-star game starters can also be selected based on WAR.

The fWAR numbers used in this exercise to select all-star game starters are based on games played through Thursday, July 7th.

National League: All-star starters based on fWAR

C – Wilson Contreras – 2.9 fWAR – Chicago Cubs

Contreras’ career year is 2022. It is declining at .274 / .392 / .498 and has 151 wRC +. From FWAR’s point of view, Catcher has already summed up his season in the FWAR in each of his previous six seasons. What a frustrating year for the Cubs, Contreras has taken to the field. Wilson has 28.7% overall club fWAR so far this season.

1B – Paul Goldschmidt – 4.4 fWAR – St. Louis Cardinals

Goldsmith has been living like his nickname Goldie for some time and this year has been better than previous years. Goldie is making an amazing .342 / .427 / .619 reduction and has 194 wRC +. He is currently tied for the MLB lead in the fWAR with fellow National League Manny Machado and American league Rafael Devers. Goldschmidt just goes into his business and produces day by day. He’s not flashy, but he’s one of the best players in the league and has put himself in the middle of an NL MVP conversation as the All-Star break approaches.

2B – Tommy Adman – 3.4 fWAR – St. Louis Cardinals

Edmund is the second baseman to defend प्रथम first, agile फिल् fielding who can hit. Slashing .261 / .329 / .380 with 106 wRC +, Admin is on target with average results of his young career. The thing that sets Adman apart is his gloves. Last year, which was his third season (and first full 162-game season), he won the Gold Glove and picked up some hardware. This year, Adman is producing all the plays. In defensive 397 innings he has made zero and only two throwing errors in the field.

SS – Dansby Swanson – 4.0 fWAR – Atlanta Braves

The first pick of the 2015 draft is playing for the first time this year up to that 1: 1 pick. Last season, Swanson was a solid shortstop who just didn’t live up to the hype. This year, it is approaching .298 / .355 / .492 and has 135 wRC +. Swanson’s 4.0 fWAR is bigger than his previous six seasons. Swanson is going to be a free agent at the end of the season, so he chose a great time to shine. Not only will Swanson get a pretty good salary with a new contract at the end of the season, but it’s also funny that a guy named Dansby has done such a good job.

3B – Manny Machado – 4.4 fWAR – San Diego Padres

Machado leads one of the toughest races in the FWAR Starter competition, beating Nolan Arenado by 0.2 fWAR. Baby Face Assin turned 30 on July 6 and looks as strong as ever. With Fernando Tatis Jr. out of the season due to injury, Machado has stepped up his game and is helping the Fryers get off to a good start. Machado already has more fWAR (4.4) than last year (4.2). It has a hit line of .315 / .387 / .533 and 157 wRC +.

Off – Mookie Bates – 3.7 fWAR – Los Angeles Dodgers

As one of the best and most popular players of his generation, Mookie Bates has another great year. Despite missing 15 games recently due to a clash with teammate Cody Bellinger, Bates leads all outfielders in the National League in fWAR. Reducing .277 / .354 / .561 and wRC + to 156, Betts is cheering Dodgers fans again and Red Sox fans are crying. Playing in just 65 games, Bates accelerated 20 homers to accelerate his 2018 season record of 32 home runs for the Red Sox.

Off – Brandon Nimmo – 2.8 fWAR – New York Mets

Casual fans may not have heard much about Nimmo. He is the center fielder for the Sparkplug, leadoff-hitting, NL East-leading New York Mets. Nimmo is not the only person who came on the scene this year, he is a strong player in his seven-year career. He was selected by the Mets in the first round (13th selection) in the 2011 draft. Nimmo is not a superstar, but he is a great player. He currently leads the NL and is in the MLB’s lead with a triple lead with five. Only in 2018 did he lead the static range when he surpassed all MLBs with 22 HBP. Wonder if he was a throat winner?

Off – Kyle Schwarber – 2.3 fWAR – Philadelphia Phillies

Schwarber is the baseball mashing machine this year. His 27 homers are top in the NL and second only to Aaron Judge’s 30 in the MLB. fWAR is usually not the best position for Schwarber because he is such a formidable defender and has a high strikeout rate and low batting average. This year, however, it has slipped to such a high clip (.535) that it has helped offset some of its weak numbers. Maybe Fangraph’s staff gave Schwarber a bump in his fWAR this season Angel is going to Hernandez Sunday night baseball on April 24th. With Hernandez behind the plate, he did what many of us have wanted to do over the years.

DH – Garrett Cooper – 1.8 fWAR – Miami Marlins

Cooper has the lowest fWAR to make a starting lineup for any league. If it weren’t for Bryce Harper’s (2.7 fWAR) broken thumb, Cooper wouldn’t have made this list. But after Harper was out for a few more weeks, Kupalup got the nod. Not that Cooper’s year is bad. He is hitting .308 / .373 / .462 and has 138 wRC +.

P – Sandy Alcantara – 3.4 fWAR – Miami Marlins

In a world where solid starting pitching is rare, it is a must see when Sandy Alcantara takes the mound. Powerful Wright has the electric stuff and is currently collecting impressive numbers all season, despite pitching in a tough NL East for a team with three games below .500. Alcantara is 9-3, with a 1.82 ERA, 2.85 FIP, 0.91 WHIP, 0.4 HR / 9 and opponents are disappointing.189. While most teams are looking to get their starter out of the game twice in a batting order, Alcantara has two full games this year.