Looking forward to the Diablo Immortal Shadow War? Blizzard’s mobile RPG game includes a surprisingly complex PvP combat system that can be confusing at first glance. That being said, after spending so much time collecting the best Diablo immortal set items, mythical gems and charms for your persona, we won’t blame you for seeing how it all goes against another player, and Shadow War is certain. Build yourself up at his pace.

Simply put, Diablo Immortal Shadow War is a weekly PvP clan contest that forces members of the 90 Shadows group against towering immortals under the control of other players. If PvP from Diablo Immortal is completely new to you, it’s a must to see our Diablo Immortal Shadows group guide, which includes how to join, ranks, rewards and more. If you are not a member, you will not be eligible to participate in Shadow War.

How to join the shadow war

Once you become a member of the Shadows group, you can take part in the Shadow War as part of the Dark Clan. The option to register for clan leaders will be available Monday through Tuesday, and signing up allows clan members to join in the various battles that take place during the rest of the week.

Anyone above Level 51 in the clan will be allowed to participate automatically, so check out our Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide if you’re a little behind. Ideally, 90 players from your clan should take part in Shadow War: 30 for main battles and 60 for support battles. More after that.

Diablo Immortal Shadow War is divided into tournament-style brackets consisting of two playoff rounds between opposing clans. Preliminary matches take place on Thursday and they will decide which clans will take part in the finals on Saturday. The battle for each bracket will begin between 7pm and 9pm server time.

To determine which clans will face each other, the groups in each bracket are divided into three categories, A to C. Initially, your clan’s rank in the Shadow War will match its rank in the Shadows group, but this will change depending on your clan’s victory and defeat in subsequent battles.

Shadow battles main and support battles

As we mentioned earlier, Diablo Immortal Shadow War is divided into two separate war modes: main and support.

In The main battles, The leader of each participating Dark Clan is transformed into a powerful immortal, complete with completely new skills capable of overcoming some serious damage. Effectively, they are PvP raid bosses who must hold themselves against / all / members of the opposing clan participating in the main battle. The first clan against which the immortal leader they have been raised won.

This may seem like an all-out brawl straight to the surface, but the outcome of the main battle can be influenced by both. Fight support Happening at the same time. Players assisting in support battles will fight their own immortals, this time as AI without being controlled by another player. Successfully bringing them down will significantly help the health of your immortal dynasty leader and the damage done during the main battle.

As a general rule, it is better for clan leaders to send high-level players into the main battle and lower-level players into the support battle. We recommend including main battle classes that are naturally excellent on PvP, such as Diablo Immortal Necromancer, Crusader, Wizard and Barbarian. By distributing the clan in this way, you can be sure that all the efforts of your most powerful members will be focused on winning as soon as possible.

Shadow War Award

Each victory in Diablo Immortal Shadow War will plunder you with a variety of myths, scrap materials, gold and experience. Importantly, the Shadow War serves as the deciding factor in which the Dark Clans are eligible to participate in the Right of Exile. The top ten Dark Clans will face Diablo Immortals Immortals, which will provide access to some of the best weapons and gear in the game.

If you’ve stuck to everything Diablo Immortal’s PVP system has to offer, why not turn your attention to killing one of the many global bosses of games like Diablo Immortal Blood Rose or Ancient Nightmare? Alternatively, if you feel pinched while walking against other players, check out the best Diablo Immortal build to further refine your character.