On May 29, 2020, we got a glimpse of the future. Sony hosted a stream called “The Future of Gaming”, which served as a red carpet debut for the PlayStation 5. That stream includes a grand revelation of what the first two years of the console’s software lineup will end, including Demon spirits, Horizon Forbidden WestAnd Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart. Sony will follow that trend in September, with the unveiling of the showcase, two months before the PS5 launch Spider-Man: Miles Morales And God of Ragnarok War.

By the end of 2022, Sony will have played all its cards from that PS5 hype cycle. Some of the major third-party games featured in 2020 are yet to be released, the future of the PS5 will be a little less clear later God of war Will launch on November 9th.

With just two years into the PS5’s lifecycle, Sony is more likely to have a full tank of gas. We’ll find out more if Sony decides to host a first-party-centric state-of-the-art play this fall. But I’m wondering what life after Ragnarok will be like, we have some idea what the next stage of PS5’s life will be like.

Marvel Push

Sony doesn’t have a lot of publicly confirmed exclusions in the works, but we do know two major things – and they’re both Marvel games. Developer Insomniac is currently working on a full sequel Marvel’s Spider-Man, Which is scheduled for publication in 2023. If so, this will be Sony’s big holiday play next year.

Insomniac has another superhero game, though. The studio is currently working on a Wolverine game that we know nothing about. Here’s a quick teaser we’ve seen so far that shows Logan’s paws. There are no details of the gameplay beyond that, so we’ll be surprised to see it next year. Still, it seems to be one of the next major PS5 exclusive on Sony’s mind, so maybe it will be the hot game of 2024.

First-party mystery project

While we don’t know many games beyond that, we do know that Sony’s studios are working on projects. Naughty Dog has Last of You multiplayer game in the oven, although it seems to be in its infancy. Gone are the days Developer Bend Studio is working on a multiplayer-centric game in a new IP. BluePoint Games is rumored to be working on a high-profile remake and larger original game.

Sony has made many acquisitions in the last few years, so we are likely to reap the fruits of those efforts in the next few years. We know for sure that those plans won’t include every fan’s favorite Sony series. The ghost of Sushima The Studio Sucker Punch recently confirmed that they are working on larger projects these days, noting that there are no plans for Sly Cooper or notoriety this time around.

Live service push

The two teams clashed in Destiny 2.

In the wake of the gaming news this year, it’s easy to forget that Sony has announced the purchase of the Destiny developer Bungie. Along with that news, Sony told investors that it is all-in on the live service game. The company has stated that it plans to spend 55% of its development budget on service games by 2025.

It will be too early to see any of them come to fruition, but you can expect the first phase of those plans to be completed in the next few years. Bungee seems to be particularly busy as it prepares staff for new projects, including competitive multiplayer games, which will be PlayStation exclusive after the deal.

Final Fantasy Console

Clouds and Sephiroth are looking up the mountain.

Microsoft may have snatched Bethesda, but Sony is a major partner in Square Enix. The company has continued to offer Sony consoles exclusively, leading some to speculate that this could be Sony’s next big purchase. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as Final Fantasy has become the biggest part of the PS5’s future game plan.

We’ve known that for a while Final Fantasy XVI There will be a major exclusive for Sony and it will land on the PS5 next year. But now we know that we will get the system Final ideay VII Reincarnation As a special until the winter 2024. While other Final Fantasy titles are still regularly coming to other consoles, Sony’s biggest entries are lock down. The next two years of the PS5’s life will be more defined by the RPG franchise than any Sony-owned IP.

This is before all the unannounced surprises, indie exclusive and inclusion in the newly re-launched PS Plus updates. Sony has a lot of momentum going into the third year of the current console generation. We may not know how to take advantage of it, but we do know that it will not turn off the gas pedal soon.

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