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The last part of Love is warSeason 3 aired on June 24, thrilling all kinds of anime fans with its final romantic findings. Fans of the anime were also delighted as they saw No. 1 on MyAnimeList, a major milestone for the series.

Love is war There is no doubt that it is becoming more and more popular by providing dramatic romance and nonstop comedy to the fans. Love is war There is no shortage of comedic characters, be it one of the main characters or a side character. There are a lot of contestants, but these are the funniest characters Love is warIn order.

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10 Nagisa Kashivagi and Tsubasa Tanuma

Nagisa Kashiwagi and Tsubasa Tanuma from Love Is War.

Nagisa and Tsubasa are recurring characters who often go to student councils for love advice. It was this advice that initially made the couple a couple.

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Interestingly, there are characters like Shirogane and Kaguya who give the most advice, but due to their lack of experience they don’t know much. With Kaguya and Miyuki in a relationship, fans will now see a great reversal in Season 4. Fans can already see where this is going, as Kaguya will kiss Miyuki based on how she saw Nagisa and Tsubasa kiss (grown kiss).

9 Maki Shijo

Maki Shijo from Love Is War.

Fans of Maki Shijo are introduced to Kaguya as a rival (though not in love) and a relative. She’s amazingly similar to Kaguya, although it only makes them a butt head. Fans will be eagerly awaiting when her brother will be introduced and how his relationship with Miyuki will progress.

Maki offers fans plenty of comedy, from denying Tsubame’s love to scenes he shared with Kaguya on a raucous tour. Notably, she also consults Miyuki and Ishigami student councils. The three quickly become friends, which of course annoys Kaguya.

8 Saburo Odajima

Saburo Odajima in Love Is War.

One of the four Ramen kings, Saburo Odajima. His initial appearance quietly and dramatically criticizes Fujiwara for how she eats her ramen. He is mesmerized by her acting and respects her.

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While Ramen is his primary commentator, he agrees to criticize Cagua Tea in Season 3. It is there that he concludes that pure kaguya tea is made for the person he loves.

7 Miko Iino

Miko Ino in Love Is War.

Aino is the newest character on Season 2 of Student Council. While a character who strictly follows the rules may not seem funny at first, there are many weird ways about ion that can make her a happy character.

Her misconceptions about Miyuki and her always distorted or healing sexual meaning in Season 3 are particularly interesting. The humor in the Iono series always manages to keep it fresh and different.

6 Chika Fujiwara

Chika Fujiwara from Love is War.

Chika Fujiwara can be either one of the funniest characters or the most annoying, and it’s clear that many of the characters Love is war Sounds like.

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Fujiwara has many great comedy moments like her Ramen scene or cheating in the game, but nothing better than her teaching of Miyuki. Wrapping, volleyball, blowing balloons etc. Despite her pure contempt for Miyuki’s lack of talent in, she is always proud to train Miyuki and see the development and dominance of her weakness.

5 Ay Hayaska

Ay Hayasaka in Love Is War.

Hayasaka is one of the best-developed characters in this long-running anime series, and fans will see much more in future seasons.

Hayasaka always lives in the shade of her Bai Kaguya. But still, she still shines today as a unique and humorous character. Often Kaguya’s plans backfire as she sends Hayasaka to spy on Shirogan, as she always goes too far and makes a sincere effort to make Shirogan fall in love with her. Even though she failed every time, it created a unique bond and friendship between the two characters, which helped the rapping scene.

4 U Ishigami

You Ishigami in Love Is War.

Ishigami is a character that many fans fell in love with in Season 1 and has yet to disappoint fans as the heartbreaking anime series continues.

Ishigami’s oblivion in Season 3 was invaluable, as he mistakenly confessed to Tsubame. This was his original intention, but not understanding what it means to give a heart at a festival, and the response given to her when Tsubame discusses it, is all very funny. When he finally finds out what he did, he is embarrassed.

3 Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Shrogane in Love Is War.

Secondary main character Love is warCurrently one of the best high school anime on Netflix and Kaguya’s hardworking boyfriend.

Miyuki Shirogane gives fans a lot to laugh at constantly. His weakness is a great aspect of his character and it is impressive that he works tirelessly until he is good or decent on that weakness. Many fans couldn’t help but smile in Season 3, when he mastered his rapping skills in Borderline Crunch and Happy Verses.

2 Kaguya Shinomia

Kaguya Shinomia in Love Is War.

The main protagonist of this series, Kaguya Shinomia, one of the best beautiful characters in romance anime, is undoubtedly one of the funniest characters in the story.

One of the best aspects of Kaguya is her lack of experience and innocence. Due to her sheltered life, she lacks many common experiences, such as having a mobile phone. When she finally gets one, she doesn’t understand the concept of “left to read”. Her misconceptions about any situation involving Shirogane are also very good and it is pleasing to see how quickly any woman is able to find a competitor. Even with Chika’s younger sister at least once, Shirogan also enjoyed talking to someone she really liked.

1 Papa Shirogane

Papa Shirogane in Love is War.

No one in Love is war Miyuki’s father is more fun than Papa Shirogane. Fans who love this personality will love him even more in the future. Every scene he does is filled with humor with his scary vibrations and unwelcome and offensive comments.

Like Miyuki’s sister, Papa Shirogne knew that Kaguya was going to date Miyuki, and he stood by her father to visit the principal. Sometimes, it’s hard to take him seriously, but he often gives Miyuki good advice like a father and shares a good relationship with his son.

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