Video games capture the gamer’s imagination with fascinating stories, beautiful graphics and a vast world to explore. Before the advent of video games, however, table-top games were a favorite game for those looking for a break. From extremely simple to many elements, RPG experiences can attract fans of full franchise-inspired game series or introduce board game players to completely new things.

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While some board games have transitioned to becoming video games, the opposite is also happening, now at a more frequent rate. Some video games transitioned to table-top versions in the early 2000s, but as the genre grew in popularity, big-name video game franchises began to transform their assets into attractive table-top experiences for long-time fans and beginners. .

10 DOOM takes players to hell

The DOOM The board game puts one player in control of the hell monsters of the franchise, while several other players wear doomsday armor. As they try to complete missions on board, the Marines get plenty of weapons from the game.

The player controlling the monsters has one goal: to destroy all the seas. To help them in their search, they have several different helspons to tackle on the Marines. So DOOM The video game is very run-and-gun, the board game offers a complete more tactical approach complete with character statistics, unique features and special abilities.

The XCOM The board uses an interesting take on the game genre. The game features a free companion app that connects to the game, tells players how and when aliens attack, gives players results of movements, and throws dice to add extra stress.

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While they resist foreign aggression, about four players work cooperatively for them instead of issuing orders and having direct control over the troops. XCOM: Board Games Strategic collaboration between players is essential and its innovative app provides a unique table-top experience.

8 The betrayal at Baldur’s gate is a mash-up we didn’t know we needed it

The Gate of Baldur Are set in the world of video games Dungeon and the Dragon. Betrayal at the gate of Baldur The franchise returns to its table-top origins. This game connects to the Co-op Exploration game Betrayal in a house on a hill With setting, characters and lore Gate of Baldur.

Players work collaboratively to explore the environment, tile by tile, until one player activates a pitting situation against the rest. With 50 possible scenarios, this board game offers fans a lot of replay value Gate of Baldur Series

7 Bloodborne is a real challenge

In Bloodbourne: board games, Players take on the role of hunters and work together to unravel the mystery of the plague and turn the villagers of Yarnam into violent beasts. Like video games, players need to come together, learn the behavior of their enemies, and devise the right tactics to defeat them.

Hunters have unique weapons, but fight the plague as time goes on. When players die, they can return to the playing field, however, previously defeated enemies and obstacles also return to prevent their progress.

6 Horizon Zero Dawn teamed up players against robot dinosaurs

The Horizon zero dawn The board game series gives fans the best chance to fight robot dinosaurs in real life. The game contains highly detailed miniatures of the game’s iconic machines, and players build decks to move through the game and defeat the machines.

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Players take on the role of hunters and each has their own specific skills and characteristics that help in attack and defense. If players are considering adding more machines to the battlefield, there is also an extension of the game.

5 Pac-Man Gobbles Up The Fun

For any gamer looking for a fast and fun table-top experience, Pac-Man Is a great choice. The video game is simple, and in the board game one player controls the pack-man while the other four play as ghosts, reflecting the same emotions.

Pac-Man must throw all the bullets on the board while the demons try to stop him. The board also has the iconic “Waka-Waka” sound when Pac-Man puts in the pills. This is a fun, authentic Pac-Man experience for fans and novices of the franchise.

4 Gears of War adds to the fun

Gear of War: Board Game As a member of the Delta squad in the first three, COG puts players in the armor Machines of war Game players must set up a mission with tiles placed at random in which locust enemies will have to face together.

The game is played by a hand of cards that provide players with their health and action. These actions will be familiar Gears Fans include things like “Active Reload” and “Roady Run”. This board game is not as bloody as the video game, but just as fun.

3 This war of mine brings war struggles to the living room

In the board game version of This war is mine, Six players must survive the battle struggle while the worst situation unfolds. This is a desperately survival game that really captures the frustration experienced by the video game characters.

Players need to explore the environment and manage their resources when they face different situations that make them make difficult decisions. The game also has a solo mode for everyone who is willing and courageous to accept the challenge of the game on their own.

2 The Witcher adventure game is as big as the video game

Vichar Popular as always and if fans are more interested in the series, Vichar adventure game She will meet the need. Players can control iconic characters like Gerald, Tris and Dandelion as they explore the map and try to complete various quests for the ultimate goal.

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Like video games, players choose which skills to upgrade in their character. Gate also provides players with many opportunities to confront each other for some fun opportunity encounters.

1 Kill time in your vault with fallout board games

The Fallout Board games offer a lot of room for any fan of video games. Players explore the map together as distinguished characters such as Vault Dwellers and members of the Brotherhood of Steel while working for one of several shared objectives.

Even as players explore together, they will find their own missions to complete along the way. They will also face different groups that can fight or partner. Just like the game, the selection of players drives the adventure towards many penetrating endings.

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