A performance Kaguya-sama: Love is a war Fans of anime have fallen in love with the three-season run of the series, flying high. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood In the all-time rankings on MyAnimeList, very few people have succeeded on the day the Season Three finale aired. But what about this show that captivates his fans?

Kaguya-sama: Love is a war It is a romantic comedy featuring a very dramatic cat-and-mouse game between two heroes, Miyuki Shirogne and Kaguya Shinomiya, forcing the other hero to confess his love for each other first. Miyuki Shirogne and Kaguya Shinomia are both top representatives of the student union, and often other representatives get caught up in their shenanigans. The anime is currently running for three seasons, with the second project being announced live shortly after the end of season three. But what is it about this anime that has been steadily rising in popularity since its debut in 2019?

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Romance and the tip of the iceberg

One thing that sets romance anime apart is how it handles romance. Instead of secretly pinning each other, flirting or overplaying stereotypes, the heroes are aggressively competing to force each other to confess their love. It feels like a mental battle of the intellect with the recurring and recurring events of Light and L. Death record Than a romance.

For example, in the social dynamics of line read receipts, life-and-death has never been felt more than the first part of season three. Many times their inner monologue sounds like a lawyer defending his client to the end. The last thought of a common man will fill the whole part of your seat battle with ridiculous, yet strangely happy between two heroes. The mental gymnastics of both heroes are trademarks of the series, often making every situation feel like a life-or-death situation, making the anime feel like an emotional gladiator tournament.

Anime raises antiques every season. Each look and hand gesture can send the other hero into a mental cycle of trying to figure out how to push the other back, while both have the same goal of pushing the confession away from the other. The competitive nature of this anime makes it truly unique compared to most romance anime.

Chika … and other side characters

Although the anime has incredibly interesting and moving heroes, they do not cast as much shadow on the equally interesting and bizarre side characters. Most notably, Chika, was so loved and popular, that she became a meme in the run of the first season, with a special last theme song. Chikto Chika Chika The character, who gained millions and millions of views through dance covers and remixes alone, sang and danced.

Chika is the secretary of the student council in charge of Kaguya and Miyuki. She is wacky, childish and neglected. She is obsessed with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove and often engages in the hero’s actions without realizing it. She is multi-talented, from wrapping to speaking five different languages. This strange mix of personality traits sets her apart from other characters, not just in between Kaguya-sama: Love is a warBut entirely in anime.

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However, Chika is not the only interesting character. Yu Ishigama, the treasurer of the student council, is a sad Otaku and a former member of the cheer squad. Ai Hayasaka is Kaguya’s assistant and has four different people to handle different situations. The other characters in the series are equally bizarre and diverse in personality, making most of the actors in them memorable.

Modern retailing of the first monogattery

A monogatari is, in simple terms, a traditional Japanese long story, much like an epic novel. Kaguya-sama: Love is a war Is modern loose retailing The story of the bamboo cutter, Which is often called The story of Princess Kaguya. Monogatari stars Princess Kaguya, who is born from the moon, and five contenders search for her.

Many of the characters are inspired by the characters in this monologue, from the names to the backstory and also to the personality traits and tastes of the characters. Aside from Kaguya’s obvious connection to Princess Kaguya, Miyuki is based on the fourth claimant, Chika is based on the second claimant, who has a habit of cheating during the game, Ishigami is based on the fifth claimant who fell victim to his death, and I. The celestial angels in the story.

Although this is a very loosely inspired modern adaptation, it does not follow the same story as the original Monogatari. However, it is specifically referenced in the personalities of the characters as well as in a select few references throughout the anime. Reading the original Monogatari will probably provide a deeper reference than watching an anime unknowingly, and this is part of the classical literature to watch.

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