The God of war The series got off to a bloody good start in 2005 when a Spartan man named Kratos, desperate for victory on the battlefield, made a deal with Ares, the Greek god of war. In exchange for Ares’ help, Kratos was forced to serve Ares for the rest of his days. After Ares tricks Cratos into killing his family, Cratos seeks revenge, leading him to annihilate the gods of Greek mythology.

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Kratos’s mission was finally completed God of War III. Hoping to achieve the peace he had long hoped for, Kratos left Greece, remarried, and had a son named Atreus. Unfortunately for Kratos, he and Atreus found themselves in a two-game saga mixed with the gods of Norse mythology which will be known in due course. God of Ragnarok War. Overall, the God of war The series is a rare video game series with no bad games. While there is no shortage of award-winning games, j God of war The game scored the best runs on Metacritic?

God of War: Betrayal So far, the only one God of war Game released for mobile devices. Released in 2007, Betrayal Is set before God of the Second War And Kratos works to find the killer responsible for one of the murders for which Kratos has been arrested. His story is not mentioned later God of war The game, it may represent an early wedge between the newly created god of war, Cratos, and the rest of the Greek gods.

While Betrayal Not a metacritic score, he got high marks for his ability to translate God of war 2D, early mobile structure experience. From his cruelty to his quick-witted incidents, Betrayal Is faithful God of war The game despite the limitations of hardware.

God of War: Ascension Is the last God of war Greek mythological game of Kratos. Despite this, Ascension Comes in as soon as possible God of war After the series failed to kill his family, Kratos began trying to avenge Ares. But, first, he must break the contract with Ares, which includes three furries.

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Ascension Praised for its stunning visuals, which many critics say are the best on the PlayStation 3. However, ADescendantOf multiplayer mode, first and only God of war Game to include one, received mixed response. While the multiplayer mode was cited as a pleasurable and refreshing experience, it lacked depth and static power.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Is the second of the two God of war Games released for PlayStation Portable. Then set GoWII, The ghost of Sparta Kratos reveals to have a brother, Deimos. The gods captured Demos because he was the “marked warrior” of the prophecy that he would defeat Olympus. Kratos tries to free his brother from the god of death, Thanatos.

The ghost of Sparta Appreciated the ability to stand on the foundation installed by God of War: The Chain of Olympus Visual and gameplay. Most critics felt The ghost of Sparta It was an experience comparable to a big-budget PS3 release. However, some critics felt it was less so GoWIIIWhich was previously released in 2010.

The first PSP God of war Games, The chain of OlympusWhat did Betrayal Can’t: Complete transition to 3D God of war Experience for handheld devices. Set before the original God of warKratos must find Helios in an attempt to awaken the sleeping gods by thanking the dream god, Morpheus.

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The chain of Olympus It was praised for its visuals and presentation, with gameplay overcoming the lack of a second analog stick. However, the game’s criticism centered around its challenging puzzles and short lengths.

GoWIII Serves as the epic conclusion of the Greek saga of Kratos. Each other God of war Up to this point, and the two prequels that followed, Cratos culminated in an attack on Zeus and Olympus. To call GoWIII The epic will be underlined. From its opening minutes, the players knew they were up for a very exciting ride.

This is the epic and the standard that is most appreciated GoWIII. Each set of pieces, fights and music tracks was created for a conclusion that was right for the hype. However, some critics felt Of GoWIII The simple narrative prevented this by adding minor narrative complications to the process, focusing primarily on Kratos ’revenge action.

After defeating Ares and accepting the cover of the god of war, life is good for Kratos. While he is still haunted by the death of his family at his own hands, Kratos rejoices in his new role. But after being betrayed by Zeus, Cratos must kill the sisters of fate to avenge his pre-determined death and exact revenge on Zeus.

GoWII Double on everything made original God of war Very special by improving almost every aspect of that game from battle to story. Despite complaints about puzzles and invisible walls, GoWII One of the best sequels in gaming history.

In the console generation where PlayStation has introduced numerous iconic series such as Ratchet and Clank And Sly CooperThe God of war The series is arguably the biggest of them all. Authentic God of war Sony provided its own facility Hello– Like system vendor. It’s still a mega-hit after almost 20 years.

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Authentic God of War The over-the-top brutality and action set-piece caught critics and players alike, giving it its fair share of controversy. However, much of the original game was criticized for its camera and platforming.

Very recent God of war It could easily have been said. “God of War IV“But Santa Monica Studios dropped the numerical nomenclature because 2018 is God of war Represented fresh slate. Kratos moved in 2018, not just in the Norse region God of war The past saw a complete overhaul of its gameplay from previous static-camera battles God of war In addition to the game, of 2018 God of war Kratos and Atreus tells the heartbreaking story of a father and son who went on a journey to spread the bones of Kratos’ recently deceased wife and Atreus, Faye’s mother.

The game was greatly appreciated for its rediscovery God of war He thanked his son Atrius for justifying the return of the series and Kratos by showing him a new side. Of 2018 God of war Also praised for its gorgeous visuals and innovative directing that maintains intact single-camera shots throughout the story and gameplay.

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