Before the war games … before the earth, before the UNIT, before the exile, another doctor makes a dangerous deal in exchange for his freedom …

The second Doctor fights Deluxe and Ice Warriors in the first box set Second Doctor Sahasi, Big Finish Productions released today. Michael Troton is now playing the role played by his father, Patrick Troton – following his highly acclaimed debut. Third Doctor Adventure: Annihilators.

Early moments after 1969 Who is the doctor? TV stories War games, Time Lord is on the verge of his forced reproduction. Then, somehow, he finds himself in an unknown world, where some familiar enemies are hiding …

Doctor Who: Second Doctor Adventure: Beyond the war games Now only available from for download or digitally available as proprietary version 3-disc CD box.

“We have agreed to your request that there are bad things in the universe that must be faced and that you are still involved in that battle.”

Before the earth, before the unit, before the exile, another doctor makes a dangerous deal in exchange for his freedom …

The two adventures in this box set are as follows:

“Final Start” by Mark Wright and Nicholas Briggs – He escapes exile through Time Lords – and believing that his attire has changed, the doctor finds himself lost in the icy, alien world. He’s not alone – the prospect is stuck on the terrifying planet Katrina and Silas, but without his TARDIS, doctors are unable to help them. Finding Answers – and Freedom – Doctor’s hopes and doubts are aroused when he finds TARDIS crashing into the ice. Are Katrina and Silas as flawless as they look? And who is the young raven watching from a distance? The secrets buried long in this icy wilderness are about to be revealed and the doctors realize that there is a terrible new beginning at every end

“Wrath of the Ice Warriors” by Andrew Smith – The doctor was delighted to be reunited with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT, near Cape Rath, Scotland, immersed in the desperate mission of his new masters. Doctor’s arrival A black cylinder appears in the sky and an attack on a trawler by an ‘animal’ in the sea. ‘ Doctors quickly learn that he is dealing with Ice Warriors and investigate with the help of Brigadier and local crafter Sheena Flynn. While a spacecraft is hiding in the vicinity of Jupiter, doctors believe that Mars is planning a new invasion of Earth – but who is the real enemy? The battle lines are drawn and the doctors run in time so that the earth does not get caught in the crossfire.

Michael Troton said: “I was so scared and I didn’t think I was going to. It needed to be a good representation of me and my father together, which is actually very difficult to do. It’s a responsibility to take on such a great role. I didn’t want to impress but I wanted to bring the materiality and incredible energy that Dada brought to the role. He was truly the most enthusiastic doctor! ”

Director Nicholas Briggs continued: “I always had Michael’s voice in my mind because of the lightness of Patrick Troton’s touch. He’s a really talented actor and it’s fun to work with. I was overjoyed to hear his acting. I can’t wait to do more with him – he’s a great performer.

“Another doctor’s time is very important to me. Patrick Troton created a doctor who, in one way or another, greatly influenced all subsequent doctors. He’s more of a hero doctor and he’s on a mission to keep things right – just like that Who is the doctor? Progress has been made since that moment. ”

These stellar cast include Katie Manning as Ice Warrior Queen Lady Zelanda, Nicholas Briggs as Deluxe, John Kalshaw as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Tim Trellor as Silas and Emma Knox as a metal finder. (Salisbury poisoning, call midwife) Just as the new recurring character known as Raven.

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