In early June, the indie MetroVania title was released SoldierDeveloped by Retro Forge Games, available on all devices. In the 2D action-adventure game, players will take on one of the three roles and go out to find out what happened to them and everyone who came with them. We have our hands on the recently released Retro Forge Indy title. Find out what the game is like with our MetroidVania game review Soldier.

Story: Action-adventure story of struggle in later life

At the beginning of the battle against Dadelum and Zarga, the two armies begin preparations for their struggle. After changing tactics, Jarga’s army descends into a cave. When a catastrophic earthquake starts, they find themselves trapped inside. At the fall of the cave, a bright figure appears. Valkyrie mythological creatures that appear on the battlefield to escort spirits beyond the world of mankind. She invites them to come with her next time. Awakening in the world of Tergaya, players will choose their class and embark on a new adventure.

The story will reveal itself and progress as the player explores and clears various open areas and dungeons. Pacing can vary based on that, which can be either good or bad. Getting a break from the story in the hours of exploration and battle can be very slow for some. On the other hand, while trying to avoid too many quests to move forward, the story will be left far behind.

Gameplay: Multilevel exploration and battle

Players will choose one of three classes in Scout, Archer and Castor, each with their stats and abilities at the start. Basic controls offer a relatively easy-to-learn attack and defense system, with fast but weak and strong but slow attacks with the ability to block and dodge. Working through the game will provide more advanced methods of the game, unlocking more abilities such as giving us a spell book for the chosen caster that fires the project or a shield that lowers the enemy’s projectiles. In addition, various items will increase the methods of attack and defense at your disposal by throwing bombs, drugs and weapons.

Additional equipped items offer a bonus boost to stats and abilities that can be mixed and matched to provide the best mode of play. Another level of combat can also be found using traversal mechanics. Further, in the game, the player’s ability to jump and slide off the wall will help to encounter and attack beneficial places.

Unfortunately, the battle, even with various attacks, items and abilities Soldier It can be boring. With most of the linear stratification system, there is not much that allows players to create different class routes. Navigation is also something that can use some improvements. Many times, an hour or more was wasted on moving on to the main storyline or finding a goal inside or outside the dungeon.

Graphics: A beautiful coherent but large world

The team at Retro Forge Games created a beautiful pixelated world for it Soldier. Delivering beautiful environments and well-animated sprites that players appreciate the world they explore. The world is not only beautiful but also very big. The dungeon is full of small secrets that sometimes can’t even get into the first walkthrough. Open areas also offer secrets that are found but more linear than dungeons. Exploration provides a rewarding experience of finding upgrades and accessories in knuckles and cranes around the world. However, as mentioned earlier, improving the navigation system will help make the search seem a little less time consuming.

Meanwhile, the audio is ours Soldier The review does well to appreciate the game. With delicious environmental sounds and well-produced sound effects for each area that work well to enhance exploration and combat. The developers at Retro Forge Games have done a great job of combining audio and world-building to deliver a beautiful coherent world, although at times, it can seem overwhelming.

Conclusion: A well-designed game that is worth a try

Retro Forge Games indie titles can be a little boring and challenging at times, Soldier Metroidvania-style is a perfectly designed game that gives a lot of fun. There is plenty to discover and plenty to enjoy in a wide and fascinating world with relatively intuitive controls. So if you are looking for a new indie title to try, Soldier Is worth checking out.

Ours after reading Soldier Review, you can find the game on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series X | S for 19.99. In addition, you can follow the team at Retro Forge Games on their development website to learn more about the team and any other projects they have working on. Finally, you can visit the Dear Villagers publication website to learn more Soldier Or look at other published titles.

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  • A beautifully arranged and cohesive world
  • Exploration is rewarding
  • Easy to understand controls


  • Conflict can be boring
  • The world is a little bigger
  • Exploration is sometimes confusing