Add another award to the already impressive and constantly improving resume created by Julio Rodriguez for the American League Rookie of the Year.

On Saturday afternoon, Rodriguez was selected as the American League Rookie of the Month for June, after winning the award in May.

In 29 games in June (28 starts), he posted a .281 / .361 / .542 slash line with seven doubles, seven homers, 16 RBIs, five steep bottoms, 10 walks and 31 strikeouts. He led American League games in almost every offensive format in June, including the Fangraph War (1.4), Wet Run Ready (162), Hits (30), Runs (22), Home Run (7), RBI (16). Base (58) and Base on Times (44) while in the theft base, the ranking is equal for AL Rookie Lead (5).

Rodriguez, 21, is the first Mariners player to win a back-to-back rookie of the month award since Ichiro Suzuki did it twice in 2001 (April-May, August-September). He is the first American league player to win the Back-to-Back Rookie of the Month award after Houston’s Jordan Alvarez won the title three times in a row in 2019 (June-August).

How will manager Scott serve Rodriguez’s June sum?

“Wow,” said the service. “Yeah, I’ll just say it: ‘Wow.’ We can go all the way to describe how impressive he was, but just look at it every day समाय the adjustments he makes, the joy he is playing, I hope he will never give up.I said the day we called him and I pray to God that he will stay with me that day. ”

After a slow start in April, where he posted a .206 / .284 / .260 slash line with four doubles, six RBIs, nine steep bottoms and 30 strikeouts, Rodriguez has been the Mariners ’best player since May 1st. In his previous 58 games, he has 11 doubles, two triplets, 13 homers, 33 RBIs, 16 walks, 60 strikeouts and 10 steep bottoms with a .296 / .353 / .541 slash line. Only four AL players, Rafael Devers (3.6), Alejandro Kirk (3.0), Aaron Judge (3.0) and Alvarez (2.9), have accumulated more than 2.5 Rodriguez fights in that period.

Coming on Saturday, Rodriguez had played 78 of the Mariners ’79 games this season, posting 15 doubles, two triplets, 13 homers, 39 RBIs, 23 walks, 90 strikeouts, 19 with .273 / .335 / .471 slash lines. Base of theft and 2.6 wars.

Houston shortstop Jeremy Pena, with nine doubles, one triple, nine homers, 27 RBIs, 12 walks, 55 strikeouts and six stolen bases.

Cervia is amazed at the maturity of Rodriguez’s approach to the plate. The sin of any hitter is to “give away the at-bat” by not focusing or keeping the point. Rodriguez refused to give one. He treats each bat as if it were his last. He will not give up.

“If you look at a period of a year, if you’re a daily player, you’ll go to 550, maybe you’ve walked 600 times on the plate and you’ve given 100 of them,” said Service. . “When you can reduce that number, it’s a real sign of how you put together a great season. Some of them will be because these people are human and they are not robots. Maybe they don’t feel good or the game has gone away from you or whatever. But to be able to lock it like that, when you see the end of the year and your season is going well. Julio is one of those who is leaving right now. ”


Jesse Winker said his seven-game suspension has been reduced to six games after appealing “for incident and fighting” in an altercation with the Angels last Sunday.

Service said Winker will begin his suspension service on Monday when the team travels to San Diego for a two-game series at Petco Park. Winker will also miss the big four-game series against the Blue Jays at T-Mobile Park from Thursday.

Coming on Saturday, Winker had a .368 / .478 / .632 slash line in his previous 11 games, including 14 hits in 46 plate appearances, including four doubles, two homers, nine RBIs, seven walks and just six strikeouts.

The status of Rodriguez’s appeal over the two-match suspension has not yet been announced.

June MLB Player of the Month award winners