Debuted in November 2006, d Machines of war The franchise introduced the war-torn planet Serra, where people fight to survive against locusts and later swarms of terrestrial species. The story is currently spread over seven games, 24 comic books and eight novels.

Books can contain more than a few hours of video game information, so publications contain many colorful characters that do not have a presence in the game itself. It is time for many to be present, but for whatever reason they have not made a final decision.

Teresa and Marilyn Wallin

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Within months of the hammer strikes trapping their parents outside the walls of Effiera, the twin daughters of fans’ favorite Dizzy, Teresa and Marilyn were born. They are briefly mentioned in a scene from Gears of War 2, But he makes his first official role in the franchise’s second book, Remains of Jacinto.

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The sisters wanted to be included Gears of War 3 During the locust siege at Annville Gate but eventually they were cut off from the final. Their models, however, were presented with anticipation, leaving them a viable option to appear in any potential game in the series, albeit only as NPCs.

Alex Brand

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The confident, sarcastic, cigar-smoking Alexandra brand debuted in issue # 2 of “Barren”. Machines of war Comics She was part of President Prescott’s birth venture but when she was found to be infertile she was forced to take the lead. She worked with the Foxtrot Squad and on a few different occasions with Marcus Phoenix and the Delta Squad.

Unlike most of the characters in the book, Alex is actually a Gears The game, however, like the characters in the other games, doesn’t appear anywhere in the story. Alex is only available as a multiplayer download Gears of War: Justice. This is not a proper representation of the character, but since the model exists, she may become slightly older and throw Serra into a swarm battle with her wit.

Milton Reeve

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Hesketh was the last operational maximum security prison in Jacinto, with Serra being the worst offender. Marcus Phoenix, nicknamed “The Slab”, was sent there after resigning, and later, where he met Milton Reeve. According to Karen Travis’s novel Slab, Before becoming a prisoner for life, Reeve was a contract killer. He was later accused of protecting Marcus while in prison.

Shortly before the first incident Machines of war, Reeve was locked in the psych ward of the slab with Marcus by a locust drone. Assuming that Marcus had to live to fight, despite not wanting to put himself in prison again, Reeve pushed Marcus into a self-locking cell before escaping from the released lift shaft. His fate is currently unknown, which will make him a perfect surprise to find Marcus during the Swarm War.

Drew Rossi

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Light-hearted comedian and famous “Ladies Man,” Sergeant. Drew Rossi was introduced in 2011 Gears of War: Esfo Fields. He played a key role in a number of operations throughout the book, including helping Dom’s plan to get Marcus out of the slab. He served before becoming the commanding officer of the Bravo Squad and later the second-in-command of the Pelruan Garrison on the Echo Vectes.

In The end of the alliance, Rossi, along with Colonel Victor Hoffman, became one of the many gears to get to the fortified city of Anvil Gate in Kashmir. However, he did not appear in any of the Anvil Gate scenes – or had any plans Gears 3. Still, many of the giants that laid siege to the final siege relocated to New Effira before the war, so it is not out of the realm of possibility to see old Rossi left in the theoretical realm. Gears 6.

Donald Mathison

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This is a unique situation. Lieutenant Mathison was introduced in 2010 Asfo Fields As and through the major members of the CIC Gears of War: Enville Gate, He replaced Lt. Anya Stroud as the control voice. This is what makes his situation unique. Donald Mathison’s character was technically in the Gears game, but only as a distracted voice. Gears 3.

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Mathison was confined to a wheelchair after losing a leg in a fight against the mob. However, during the event of The end of the alliance, He was visited by Gorasnayan engineers (with the help of Baird) for primary prosthetics, which enabled him to walk again. Giving him a face and body in the game will not only bring the favorite character to life, but will also represent injured veterans as well as mutilated non-veterans.

Nat Nai

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Lieutenant Barber, like many others, appeared first Asfo Fields. He was the crew chief of the King Raven helicopter for the KR-8-0, operated by Major Gill Gatner. On Raven’s ship, the barber was tasked with providing cover fire for wounded gears who needed standard evacuation or casewalk from the battlefield. Barber will later join Delta in the CNV Sovereign in The end of the allianceBut never appeared in the game.

Considering how many times Gears sat on King Revens, it’s unbelievable that Barber had never seen or heard of any Gears game. The sergeant describes him as a free and sincere soul. Bernadette served as a balance between Mataki and Getner’s more abrasive personalities. The hustle and bustle between these characters will provide some depression in a stressful battle situation.

Gill Getner

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You can’t get a barber without Gatner. First seen in the epilogue for Asfo Fields, Getner is a typical King Raven pilot. She’s one of the handful of women in gear service and she doesn’t take anyone’s lips, not even the president’s. Despite her vitriolic lead, Getner has a heart for her fellow gears and will never give up.

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By The end of the alliance, Gill Gatner joins the rapid response team on the Sovereign Ship. However, like her crew chief, Getner never attended the game. In the books, Getner never leaves her raven to engage in infantry battles, which will provide an exciting opportunity for epic battles against flying enemies.

Mel Sorotki

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Lieutenant Sorotki is a raven pilot who has often worked with Marcus and Delta Squad Flying KR-239. Using the “feedback technique” to keep his mind always happy, he was always positive. Eventually, he claims, he was “stuck” even in the most dire of circumstances.

Mail was supposed to appear in Gears 3, but his view was left on the floor of the cutting room. Books that allow Sorotki to “in” in the first and second games have a clever ratcon, which flies Delta through two tight spots as a pilot, but is never specifically mentioned.

Padrick Salton

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No character like the private Padrick Salton is hidden. Born on the southern islands of Serra, Pad was a passionate cook, a rugged soldier and a skilled marksman. He served in the emaciated years of the Pendulum Wars for at least twenty years before the locusts emerged, soon after the pad fell into a dark depression when his spotter was killed. He becomes a wandering scout, relaying emerging holes and spying against locust hoards.

Sometime before the events of Gears 1, Pad disappeared after finding a rever nest. For three years, his fellow gears wondered what had happened, recalling sweet memories from time to time. Finally, in The end of the alliance, Pad’s fate is revealed: alive, well, and lives with the Pesangs near the Anvil Gate. In he had missed Gears 3But there is still time to bring him back to life.

Bai Tak

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Missed the opportunity to introduce many important characters Of Gears 4 Preface. Specifically, the raid on Esfo Point, where Hoffman led a battalion of gears to retrieve Hammer of Dawn satellite data. In Asfo FieldsThe Pesanga forces played an important role in driving out the enemy without being searched.

A specific Pesanga stood out: Sergeant Bai Tak. He served with Hoffman during the Annville Gate and was a conscientious objector for his superiors. He will lose his life while saving the life of Dom Santiago. Unfortunately, he or any other Pesanga was nowhere to be seen Gears 4 The flashback may need to go back in time, but Bai would be right.

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