Arterial gear: fusionThere is a popular anime-style sci-fi gacha Titles of Bilibili HK. After spending a lot of time in beta, the game finally showed itself for a world release on June 14, 2022. It is a turn-based RPG game set in the post-apocalyptic world. Players are tasked with protecting them from puppets. Here in this article, we will review Artery Gear: Fusion and share our first impressions of the game.

Choose from a list of women warriors and fight on the battlefield

Starting with arterial gear: fusion Review, The player is responsible for training his recruits, recruiting new ones and leading the fight to ensure victory. All these female warriors are different from each other but clearly do not lag behind each other. Although this game looks different from the others, the original gameplay remains the same, which can be found as closely as titles like this. Epic Seven Or Summoners War.


Since it’s a turn-based Gachch title, there’s nothing to say about the game’s game mechanics. Players must change the choice of their warriors from time to time to ensure victory in battle. Before using the card, a different animation effect appears, which is different in each player. And often, that animation effect looks great.

Character appearance and character development is one aspect of this Gachch title that makes it stand out from the rest. The game also offers some other features that set the game apart from other Gacha titles. The AFK auto-repeat feature allows players to go through a phase in a repetitive manner. What’s more, the grinding continues even after the application is closed.

Survive the apocalyptic puppet war between Frontier and Autoluna

Warriors are just female characters. Fans will have plenty of content to fully enjoy the beauty of the game. There is a significant amount of content that needs to be downloaded before the game can begin. It takes perseverance to get through the main story. Normal requires a total of eight endurance and hard work requires 12 endurance.

Arterial gear fusion graphics

The main story payouts are stars with different categories. These stars are needed to improve unit members and their efficiency. Players also need to do research to improve recruitment.

There are also some side-story missions / events that appear from time to time. Some events are fun to complete, while others can be boring. The game also has the option to offer daily login rewards and daily objectives to complete each day.


If you are tired of slow-paced fighting, you have the option to change the pace of battle, self-battle, and battle priorities. If you get bored during the story scene, the player has the option to continue the story without having to tap the screen after each conversation. Players can skip the whole story scene and finally get a summary of what happened in between.

The game offers decent graphics with soothing Japanese music

Now let’s talk about the graphics aspect of the game. The graphics of this game are not as advanced as one would expect after hearing about all the exciting features that the game has to offer. However, the developers did not disappoint us.


The overall graphics of the game are good and really enjoyable. The character art is really good in quality. The animation effect before starting the turn also makes the story look nice. Glad to say the UI isn’t as bad as you think. Everything is on the screen. Although it is sometimes annoying to do something behind the scenes, we can say that the UI is very good.

The soft music of the game is also satisfying. The game contains audio files of the characters. The sounds are in Japanese. If a player understands Japanese well, he will definitely enjoy the game. There are also subtitles so don’t panic.

Endurance and grind games fail for a long time

Well, not everything is a rose and not a thorn. Similarly, artery gear is also not unfamiliar with defects and some aspects that players will not like. The first issue will be stamina regeneration. Actually, it takes 5 minutes to regenerate 1 stamina. Even if it takes 5 minutes, it will be only 1 bar. As we said before, perseverance is not a joke and it is always important to have something.


Since the gameplay graphics are really perfect, devices with less specs have a better chance of making the game harder to catch. One more aspect will be rewarded for each main mission. Considering the economy of the game, players are mildly forced to focus on grinding. Rewards alone are not good enough for players to have a good economy. And you don’t just need stars to upgrade. The player must have a research key to unlock different warriors.

Although the tutorial may seem sufficient at first, in the later stages of the game, there seems to be some lack of information / instructions. A detailed official guide to this game is absolutely essential for players who are new to this genre. Players are also reported to sometimes not be able to connect to the server despite having a good internet connection, which is really frustrating.

The final result

Artery Gear: Fusion introduces us to a different concept of the Gacha game. We are sure that many of you will like this game. Despite some similarities with other Gacha titles, the game still distinguishes itself from the general crowd. If you are interested in Arterial Gear: Fusion, try it.

Gameplay Mechanics – 7

Graphics and Music – 7.5

Game progress – 7.5

Controls and UI – 8.5

Free-to-play elements – 7



Artery Gear: Fusion introduces us to a different concept of the Gacha game. If you can ignore and grind the flaws in the endurance system, you are on an amazing Joy Ride.

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