The growing enthusiasm for games that play a strategic role in recent years is giving a treasure trove of fun indie experiences in this genre. Dancing Dragon Games, a small JRPG developer, partnered The dark deity Publisher Freedom Games for its own access, Symphony of War: Nephilim Saga. It’s not just a tribute, however, to offering an overlapping strategic system that makes it feel mechanically different. The scrappy release isn’t worth watching (although there’s some great sprite work!), But the gameplay is important and well thought out.

Tactical game mechanics Symphony of war Mostly, many are inspired by classic games Monster battle And Fire sign. Instead of individual fighters on a grid-based map, you create squads of nine warriors acting as one. These squads are basically based on how they self-fight, so it’s important to keep teams that work well together. There are hierarchical units, magic units, guns and more, with the results of each gameplay. There is also the movement of squads based on total capabilities, such as increased range of cavalry or fines in light infantry terrain.

The core of Symphony of warThe appeal of is in its micro-management. Creating a team is a lot of fun. Combining unit classes? Equipping the team with ideal artwork? These systems are very specific itch and they do it better than anything we’ve played recently. There is also a lot of diversity in what works. A diverse team can work well and be prepared for any situation, for sure. But what about the full force of long-range archers? You have to protect them from direct attack, but pure firepower may be right.

Chapters can vary in length and complexity. At the low end, they are here Fire sign Levels, but larger maps can be longer and more involved. If you like sports Langriser A little more to manage, you’ll appreciate this content more. It’s also a game that rewards you for spending time in chapters that optimize your loadouts. You probably don’t Is To do this, however, we dismantled and rebuilt our teams every few chapters, and found it worthwhile to do so when our restructured capacity fits into another unit or artificially enhances coordination.

Symphony of War the Nephilim saga review

Symphony of war Undoubtedly this is an RPG maker game. Phil Hamilton and the Dancing Dragon Games team have worked hard to increase the engine’s capacity. But production values ​​are limited by the system, and the sequence of the story maintains the look of an RPG maker that is inextricably linked to low-quality fan games.

Early players may have to deal with some bugs and oddities. Our time with the game during the pre-release review period shows that the game is definitely under discussion. Our cancer got stuck. Recruitment units broke down. The entire surrender mechanic made a change in the middle of the game. The developer is clearly paying a lot of attention and working hard, so it has a lot of benefits! (Same with that recruitment problem? We reported it and it was fixed in a few hours.) It’s good to know that things can be in flux for a while.

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The story is ambitious for a large-scale solo production. God! Prophecies! Conspiracy! It will take a lot to work, and Symphony of war There are often no resources for “many”. But it is in the service of tolerable and mechanical progress. Most events are accompanied by a new force or class change. Also Goes to the place. He can’t fully capture his big moments, but you can’t say he’s not trying.

Symphony of war Definitely can do a better job of giving your own explanation. The tutorial is a whole system of documents, and that’s great, but by context? There is more that can be done. We would especially like to see a quick indication of how many deployment slots are available in the next chapter. One option is to get into the next map and then get bail, but at the beginning of the game, when we have more space for squads, we like head-ups. In general, you should also look at the manual when you make build choices in the game.

Symphony of War the Nephilim saga review

It feels like a game for which the challenge is definitely snowball. We played through a full 30-chapter campaign on common difficulty, and due to optimization efforts, we outperformed the opposition. Through Tech Tree and Super-Power God characters, the game is designed to break the system by your side. Top technology options, in particular, open up a lot of maps. For example, a dragon unlocks riders. In addition to being excellent fighters, they are also the only flying units in the game that don’t really consider them.

This is fundamentally and purposefully part of the progress, so you’d expect to consider the game’s challenge with ramp-up enemies. But out of some attempt to show mercy to other troops? We skated through the back half of the game with little difficulty. The game also has the “Paramadeth” option, however, which can swing in a completely different direction. Losing a particular squad unit always happens with the right strategy. Cruel! But hey, here’s an option for you.

Dancing Dragon Games Freedom Games Nephilim saga

Appreciating Symphony of war It takes some adjustment in its production values, but our 50 hours with the game were hugely enjoyable. It is designed for those who enjoy creating systems and tweaking squads and the combination of ideas gives a different strategic experience.

Symphony of War: Nephilim Saga Developed by Dancing Dragon Games and published by Freedom Games. It is now available on PC.