Now in the books of All Elite Wrestling’s Blood and Guts 2022 Special of Dynamite, one thing everyone can agree on is that it was a really fantastic wrestling show. After the Covid-19 canceled the original Blood and Guts match in 2020, and then the vague end of last year’s show, the promotion had a lot to prove tonight that they certainly did, especially compared to WCW and NXT’s War Games. .

Related: 10 best war game matches, rankedHowever, since such a match is the main attraction for the night, it is possible that the spectators have lost small details and pieces of information in the event, so let’s take a look at it.

8 Scorpio Sky still injured?

AEW, at the end of the show, announced that Dynamite Scorpio will defend its TNT championship in a street fight against Wardlo on next week’s episode of Sky. This will be Sky’s first match since he was injured in the defense of his previous title in early June.

However, since the fight was declared a street fight for no apparent reason, this may be one of the reasons Sky’s physical involvement is kept to a minimum, and there is a lot of interference from the American top team, as it is still not 100%. Healthy


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6 Wheeler Utah vs. Daniel Garcia teased

One of the main themes of the entire Blood and Guts match is the constant dialogue between Daniel Garcia of the Jericho Appreciation Society and Wheeler Utah of the Blackpool Combat Club, two stars who have faced each other several times on separate scenes over the years.

As they frequently cross each other’s path during the match, Garcia announced on this week’s AEW Dark that he’s coming for Yuta’s ROH Pure Championship, making the match between the two feel certain in July’s Death Before Dioneer PPV.

5 Orange Cassidy made history

The episode of Dynamite began with a very funny match between Orange Cassidy and Ethan Page featuring a former victory with a body slam. However, before the match, Cassidy entered his old theme song, which he used before signing with Jefferson Starship’s AEW, Jane.

Related: 10 Best AEW Access Theme Songs, rankedWith this, Cassidy has probably become the only wrestler to have moved on to another in a big wrestling ad using a popular mainstream song (Where is my mind by the pixies), with CM Punk being the only one close to him due to the general theme of punk. Cult of Personality by Living Color and recently AFI used Miseria Cantare for the AEW Revolution 2022 match against MJF.

4 Young Bucks needs a friend

In the backstage promo, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks spoke sadly about how all their friends are currently injured, a direct reference to the real-life injuries of Kenny Omega and Adam Cole and a subtle reference to the injury. Kevin Owens.

In the promo, the Jackson brothers talk about how they are without a friend, which may be a preview of their old friend Adam crossing the road again with the “Hangman” page, which is consistent with the fact that Nick and Matt first checked on Hangman. We turned to the forbidden door and then to see Cole.

3 Will Ruby Soho join BCC?

In the final minutes of the Blood and Guts match, Te Conte was trying to help Chris Jericho escape from the cage but was attacked by Ruby Soho due to the large crowd response in Detroit.

Related: 10 AEW wrestlers who should join the Blackpool Combat ClubThe commentary team explained Ruby’s intervention because she is a friend of Mox and Eddie, but that could mean more than that. With fans chilling online for a female member of the Blackpool Combat Club, it’s no secret that Ruby will fit like a glove in Regal’s group.

2 Eddie Kingston and Claudio “OK”

Blood and Guts was trying to introduce Eddie Jericho at the end of the match, but at the same time Claudio caught Daddy Magic Matt in a sharpshooter, which he immediately gave Babyface a win.

This angered Eddie from the inside who was waiting for Jericho’s proper revenge and his longtime rival just arrived at AEW 3 days ago and he looked extremely irritated by the fact that he stole his biggest moment. Even if Eddie finally gets his hands on the former Cicero, it won’t take long for him to snap back to a new member of the Blackpool Combat Club.

1 Tribute to Mick Foley

The biggest moment of the match so far, Eddie Kingston threw Sammy Guevara out of the cage, which was a great sight, writing him off completely for the rest of the bout.

What many missed was that the spot was a tribute to Mick Foley’s infamous Hell in a Cell spot, which lasted from 25 years to one night until last night’s show.