A few days after Forbidden Door PPV’s critics praised, AEW Coming back was another marquee show. The Blood and Guts edition of Dynamite culminated in a long-running feud between his signature, War Games-style matchup, The Jericho Appreciation Society and The Blackpool Combat Club.

If extreme violence is not your type of wrestling, there is a lot on the card to satisfy any wrestling fan. Championship matches, comedy matches and a few surprises completed the tremendous card.

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This was AEW’s first visit to the great city of Detroit, Michigan. 13,000+ fans cheered throughout the show and a huge crowd for unforgettable visuals during the Blood and Guts match. Here are your winners and losers for AEW’s blood and courage!

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Winner: Orange Cassidy returns to Win column

Orange Cassidy opened the show, Jefferson Starship debuted Jane as its theme music. He was going to go toe-to-toe with American top team buff Ethan Page. Cassidy tried to figure out all his tricks for it, but for most matches they didn’t work. The all-ego tried to slow down Cassidy every time he tried to speed up the match.

Page’s final fall was an attempt by Dan Lambert to intervene. Cassidy stole Lambert’s orange juice while on the apron. Behind him, Page went to attack the thief, but Cassidy knocked and hit Page with an orange punch. He then spit orange juice on Lambert’s face before hitting Page with another orange punch and body slam (a move he was trying to nail throughout the match). 1-2-3!

Cassidy won and was joined by The Best Friends, Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor. We saw Best Friend hugging for the first time in many days.

Winners: Christian Cage presents a new look of Luchasours

Upper management has asked Christian Cage to apologize for the defamatory remarks he made about the Jungle Boy family and the late father, Luke Perry. Christian replied, “I’m sorry, your whole family isn’t dead, Jungle Boy.”

Fans thought they would see Cage in a match, but he told us that the match he requested was not for him. A new version of Luchasorus, the heel version, entered the stage. He went into the ring and defeated poor Serpentico, winning with a modified version of Jungle Boy’s snare trap.

Losers: A family drama between the Gun Club and the acclaimed

A ** There seems to be some disintegration in the boys. A very charismatic group from The Acclaimed and The Gun Club tried to get Danhosen to avenge the prank he made for Colton and Austin. However, Danhausen’s secret partners were none other than ROH, IWGP and AAA Tag Team Champions FTR. Danhausen was taller than usual because he is from Detroit and the FTR looked as good as ever.

Things got tough for The Guns when Anthony Bowens (who was not in the match and was about to be injured) came into the ring with his crutches. Danhausen ducked a crunch shot from Bowens, which landed in the face of Austin Gun Square. Danhausen got the pin and the win.

Austin faced Bowens after the match. However, Austin’s father, Billy Gunn, defended Bowens and pushed his son to the canvas. It’s going to be a weird July 4 BBQ.

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Winner: Blackpool Combat Club wins the Blood Bath

The whole second hour was dedicated to the Blood and Guts match and God-Almighty did it right. As expected, the match was high-octane madness from start to finish.

The Jericho Appreciation Society benefited from going into the match. However, the edge only helped them in the overflow. Kingston, Moxley and company were so full of hatred that they were in control for most of the match. To his credit, the Jericho Appreciation Society was nothing short of a 12-man death match.

Thumbs, broken glass, glass, kendo sticks, steel chairs, knives, forks and barbed wire were some of the foreign objects that came into the war. The result was blood. Too much and too much blood.

The climax of the madness came when Chris Jericho escaped from the cage and climbed to the top. Eddie Kingston was looking hot. Just as Kingston was about to throw Jericho upside down, Sammy Guevara came to Jericho’s aid. Unfortunately for Sammy, he was thrown to the top of the cage at the point where the jaw fell.

Jericho put Kingston on top of the cage in The Walls of Jericho, but Claudio joined the field and broke it. Then, in the most star-making visuals, Claudio gave Jericho a big swing from the top of the steel. Matt Maynard finished it but found himself a sharpshooter.

Meanwhile, Kingston was also able to put Jericho on submission hold. It looks like Eddie is finally going to get his best revenge and maker Jericho is going to tap out in front of 13,000 screaming fans. As soon as Jericho was about to submit, Maynard tapped first. Claudio’s music hits. Kingston didn’t get his moment, and he was clearly disappointed.

Blood and Guts may have closed the book on the feud between JAS and the BCC, but the floor feud between Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli reopened.

Outcomes and highlights throughout the match:

Orange Cassidy Diff. Ethan page by pinfall.
Christian Cage declined to apologize for his comments about Jungle Boy’s family. Then, he said that the match he requested was not for him. The dark, heeled version of Luchasaurus made a dangerous entrance.
Luchasaurus Def. Submission by Serpentico In a brutal squash match.
TNT champions Scorpio Sky and Wardlow were interviewed backstage. They set the TNT title match for next week. It will be a street fight.
Danhausen and FTR def. Max Castor and The Gun Club via Pinfall When Anthony Bowen inadvertently hit Austin Gun with his crutch.
After the match, Austin Gunn faced Bowens, but Billy Gunn pushed his son Austin to the canvas.
Samoa Joe was recalled by Jay Lethal, Sanja Dutt and Satnahm Singh.
Jade Cargill def. Lele Gray by pinfall to retain her TBS championship.
After the match, Chris Statlander and Athena responded to Cargill’s insult; They went out to attack the baddies. Lele Gray defended Kargil, but Jade refused to move her hand.
A video package reiterated the stormy animosity between the Jericho Appreciation Society and the Blackpool Combat Club.
Blackpool Combat Club def. Jericho Appreciation Society by submission. Claudio’s submission had Matt Maynard, while Kingston’s submission had Chris Jericho; Maynard tapped first and Kingston was upset.