AEW is notorious for constantly adding talent despite its loaded and crowded roster. However, Tony Khan’s tireless recruitment has paid off this past month.

Injuries have forced many AEW stars out of action. The company was forced to crown the interim AEW World Champion after a double or nothing after CM Punk’s injury.

Other stars who have been sidelined for some time due to injury include Orange Cassidy, Adam Cole, Brian Danielson and Jungle Boy. The list goes on and on.

Of course, injuries are not the only reason to add to the roster. Sometimes a wrestler sits in what the company needs. Sometimes a wrestler is very smart.

Let’s take a look at three wrestlers who may not be the biggest names in the world, but if they are brought in regularly, AEW will benefit. Whatever their reasons.

3 underrated wrestlers who will greatly promote AEW

1) Maki Itoh

Itoh is one of the most interesting characters in all wrestling. She has attended AEW twice in the past but has not actually signed up with the promotion.

The 26-year-old native of Japan is currently wrestling for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, where she holds the International Princess Championship. She is in her second career with the International Princess Championship.

Itoh’s wrestling career began with her sculpture. In Japan, the idol is a singer that is sold based on their attractiveness. She made her first appearance at the Idol Lumberjack match for DDT Pro-Wrestling in 2013.

Etoh came to be known as “The Fired Idol” when the idol group LinQ released her in 2017. “The Cutest in the World” captures many aspects of her idol’s days, matching her singing in the ring.

Itoh is more than an interesting character. Despite not being the best wrestler in the world, she can keep her own grip in the ring and create brilliant matches when asked.

The 26-year-old could also have a trade draw as needed, such as one of her best-selling shirts on pro wrestling tees in late June, despite the dominance of wrestling in Japan last year.

Etoh is an incredible storyteller in the ring, matching what AEW is looking for. Her wrestling ability attracts you, but the little things she does to sell the story that the match is trying to tell attract you.

Itoh is not so familiar to the American audience. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

2) Dominic Dzhakovic / T-Bar

Djakovic has been playing wrestling as a T-bar since being called up to the WWE main roster. However, he showed a glimpse of what he was capable of while in NXT.

NXT Takeover: He is best known for his crazy matches with Keith Lee at NXT after Portland and The Great American Bash.

Djakovic also had convincing performances against the late Brody Lee (FKA Luke Harper), Adam Cole and Damien Priest. However, his call-up to the main roster as part of the RETRIBUTION group slowed his pace a lot.

The 35-year-old has all the tools to become a star in the wrestling industry. He has a very impressive in-ring style, his look is great and his moves are very intense.

He’s not the strongest speaker in the world, but AEW can easily connect him with the mouthpiece. There are many talents in AEW who can easily find a place as a manager for Djakovic. If you bring him up as a heel, “smart” Mark Sterling or Dan Lambert would be perfect for the role.

3) Dakota Kai

The only wrestler on the list not currently signed for promotion, WWE released Kai in late April when she informed the company that she would not renew her contract.

Along with Raquel Gonzalez, Kai is a two-time NXT women’s tag team champion and the two have also won the 2021 women’s Dusty Rhodes tag team classic.

The 34-year-old proved her ability to perform as a top heel after launching former tag partner Teagan Nox in NXT TakeOver: War Games 2019.

The versatility of having a reliable baby face or a disgusting heel is in Kai. And her vigorous strike got her the best help in the business.

Auckland, New Zealand resident can also hold her own on the microphone. Her ability to do it whenever needed makes her an all-trade jack.

AEW’s women’s segment is growing, and still has room to grow. Like Itoh, Kai will give the department a tremendous boost. She could immediately emerge as a rival without losing a single victory to world champion Thunder Rosa or TBS champion Jade Cargill.