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Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) and Anzu, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform, launched an in-game advertising campaign in Roblox to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day in Turkey. This activation was part of a larger campaign to spread awareness about autism and social responsibility among young children and adolescents.

The innovative campaign went beyond the digital and real world. The paintings were later used as part of an exhibition at Istanbul Grand Airport, starting with organizing workshops for children with autism and asking them to paint their imaginations.

To increase the impact and interest of the artwork, it was uploaded to animated and digital AR platforms. Airport guests can then use AR technology to bring the designs to life during the exhibition. What’s more, many works of art were converted into NFTs and sold to raise money for the Turkish Autistic Support and Education Foundation (TODEV).

Taking creativity to the next level and helping the brand reach children and adolescents across the country rather than just airport visitors and passengers, İGA worked with Turkish ad networks Tooplay and Anzu to bring the artwork metavars gaming platform Roblox.

Roblox is a place where millions of players come together to create, share and play games in an immersive world. With more than 20 million games and more than 202 million monthly active users logging in to play, socialize, create, use content and interact with brands, Roblox is the largest gateway to Metavers and the preferred digital platform for kids everywhere and this is certainly true in Turkey , Which is in the top 10 countries for the highest number of Roblox developers and the highest number of players.

Istanbul Grand Airport took advantage of Anzu’s non-interrupt in-game commercials to reach thousands of children across Turkey, by displaying artwork from several popular titles on the platform, with billboards on the side of the road and on 3D in-game objects on the side of buildings. .

The campaign, which ran from March 29 to April 3, 2022, generated almost 1M impressions, enabling Istanbul Grand Airport to reach thousands of young athletes to help spread autism awareness in a brand-safe environment in a natural and attractive way.

Mertkan Tanaidi, social and digital media manager at Istanbul Grand Airport, said: This took our campaign to new heights, allowing it to provide national exposure across Turkey and beyond our borders. Roblox was a natural way for us to reach out to children with a vital awareness campaign and help them learn from others their age. We will consider in-game advertising as a strong, powerful and uninterrupted way to reach future players – in their favorite game! ”

Betul Gul, Senior Account Manager, Anzu, said, “Gaming is a great medium for raising social awareness and education among children. We’ve seen countless examples of brands taking advantage of this highly engaging form of entertainment, from creating their own animal crossing islands to Fortnite takeovers to sponsored streaming.

The difference between Anzu’s in-game advertising solution is that it allows brands to quickly and easily access the gaming world by reaching millions of players directly from their favorite mobile, PC, console and Roblox titles. It is amazing to see the success of the Istanbul Grand Airport campaign, and I look forward to working on similar projects as brands around the world recognize the potential of advertising offerings in games. ”