Every year since 2010, Steam has had big summer sales. While the largest PC storefront and games library have a plethora of different sales throughout the year, none are as respectable. Steam summer sale, With some of the best indie games in recent memory, boasting some of the biggest cuts to the most recent AAA titles. If a game prevents someone from buying it, chances are the Steam Summer Sale will eventually push them to that edge.

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This year is no different. After officially launching on June 23, this year’s Steam Summer Sale will run through July 7, with gamers just two weeks to choose from the thousands of games currently on sale. But looking at Steam can be a daunting task these days, with hundreds of new titles being published there every day. Because of this, gamers need to sift through all the dirt to find the gems, carefully searching for the best deal in the Steam Summer Sale.

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The best deals in the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

As Steam users have long expected, this year’s Steam Summer Sale has seen a lot of cuts to some of the most critically acclaimed AAA games in recent years. Monster Hunter Rise Such is the title. Originally released on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise Can’t be so big and bold Monster Hunter WorldBut it offers the most accessible, streamlined offer Monster Hunter Experience of all times. Right now, Steam Summer Sale has listed it at $ 30.59, a whopping 49% savings.

Techland’s zombie-slashing, parkour sequel Dying light 2 Also currently on sale, it is now listed at $ 39.99, which is 33% lower than its standard retail price. For games that were released a few months ago, this reduction is very effective, especially when it’s a game Dying light 2Which offers a large amount of content.

Earlier this year, Sony released its acclaimed release God of war On PC, bringing a stellar story-focused game to a brand new audience. Instead of just being a simple port, Sony tried and added special features for the PC, such as DLSS and widescreen support. God of war Steam Summer Sale is currently 39.99, which is only a 20% discount, but this makes the already good game more profitable.

Another AAA game is worth picking up, Little Tina Wonderlands It is one of the most recent games to be released on this list and is currently listed on Steam Summer Sale for 47.99. Although it is only a 20% discount, Little Tina Wonderlands Only came out at the end of March, so any discounts are welcome. For fans of LimitThis spin-off is definitely worth a look, especially if they’ve got friends to collaborate with.

Indie side, Tunic Is for sale at 26.99. It may be only slightly 10% lower in price, but TunicThe above are fresh Zelda The dungeon crawler formula is higher than the entrance price. A beautiful and vibrant art style, creating some amazingly complex combat mechanics and penetrating puzzles Tunic Stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, The door of death There is currently a 50% discount, listed at just 9.99. Loved it Tunic, The door of death Takes a lot of influence from the classics Zelda Titles, but one is definite Joe of dark life– Inspired experience and look about it, by mixing elegant character design with gloomy and gloomy atmosphere and atmosphere. The door of death It also won the Best Indie award at the 2021 Game Awards.

Of course, Steam also offers countless deals on old classics, such as Dragon’s theory: Darkness aroseWhich has come down to just $ 4.79, and Titanfall 2 At just 4.79. If gamers are looking for cheap and happy hits of nostalgia, there are also many older games on sale, most of which Star Wars Titles, Deus ExAnd that Half life With a series considered to be the best VR games around, Half-life alixOn which there is a 50% discount.

The Steam summer sale Runs June 23 to July 7 at 10 AM Pacific.

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