Q. How does Netflix compare to its audience tracking strategies?

A. Netflix is ​​based on data. They want to learn as much as they can. It’s an analytics company that wants to get it right and if you’re working with an advertiser, you can start setting when the audience is most prominent or most open to advertising and which advertisers can work best in what style or show.

Netflix has so much historical information that, once it starts delivering ads, it will be primed to track how viewers use ads. Because it’s digital, right? When did people stop during these ads? What did they see later? Did this ad force them to leave the show? Where did they land before seeing this ad?

Netflix is ​​able to measure virtually every button you click. How many times have you searched for “strangers” or whatever they are because they can track everything. There is so much more they can do. They can put ads in kiosks. Why not Sky is the limit with such a company. And frankly, ads need a refresher. We’re broadcasting the same kind of TV commercials that we’ve been doing since the 50’s.

Q. What are some examples of branding in the show?

A. The subway, for example, is fully constructed Korean drama around the subway shop. So, in my opinion, there is room for more attractive ads, which is not a bad thing. Most ads are forgettable and not interesting. If you work with a streaming service, it gives you creative space. You can curse, you can have more mature content and obviously, you can probably revive your brand and give it an edge. Maybe make it sophisticated, right?

“Mad Man” is dreaming of a “I want the world to buy coke” campaign with Don Draper. It was huge! What a gift for Coca-Cola! She didn’t like the ad. It was a wonderful story of an epic series. I remember it more than all the other Coca-Cola ads I’ve seen.

Q. Above all, Netflix is ​​in the spotlight due to its declining stock. Have you sold on his future?

A. Full disclosure: I invested a significant amount in Netflix after the stock market fell. I have a lot of faith in Netflix and I want to be first and foremost for your readers.

There are two reasons why I am so interested in Netflix. One is that a gaming channel is coming. None of Netflix’s direct competitors offer live gaming, as they usually license content for outside video game studios. In addition, it is interesting because it may or may not contain advertising. We know gamers are constantly in contact with product placements because you can’t advertise in the middle of a “Call of Duty,” but you can pick up a can of crushed soda with Coca-Cola on it. Advertising-gaming and other types of immersive, web3-based advertising (e.g. Metaverse, NFTs) are possible on digital streaming services.

Another reason I’m interested in Netflix is ​​the ad-supported service. Having an ad-supported tier available to the audience is remarkable for increasing their cash flow and financial statements and maintaining their awareness of being black. Because Netflix was spending so many days on a horrible clip. I believe that every time they increased the price of their membership by $ 1, there was another billion dollars spent on content. It wasn’t cheap by any means. So, by offering an ad-supported level, I think it will restore investor confidence in Netflix.