Cleveland – Byron Buxton doesn’t like to see his stats.

He frankly admits he doesn’t even know how many career homes he has. However, he knows he set up a new career in home runs with his 20th season on Tuesday night, splitting the single shot doubleheader in the Twins ’ninth inning with a 6-0 win over the Guardians. In the progressive field.

“At some point, I was about to reach 20,” Buxton said. “It took longer than I expected, but it’s great. It’s a big achievement, but for me, as long as we win, we control our luck in the first place, that’s the big picture for me, and everything else is a kind of plus for me. “

But frankly, here’s something he didn’t know: Buxton has now scored 52 home runs in his last 162 games, the most by any player named Harmon Kilebru or Nelson Cruz in franchise history.

When presented together That After the game, “Dang!” A smile spread across Buxton’s face as he spoke.

“It’s amazing to me,” Buxton said. “Yeah, this is the dope type, I won’t lie about it. … Granted, these 162 games aren’t together, but to see what can happen in a 162-game season, it’s fun. That kind of got me. That kind of forced me to go now. That kind of made me go. I’m a little itchy now. ”

As Buxton admits, the 162-game period is September 1, 2019, and the baseball world is “scratching,” to see what Buxton can do with consistent health. This year, he will have a chance to continue his progress in this type of season, as despite chronic tendinitis in his right knee, he has yet to make the injury list and has played in 74 percent of the team’s games (57 of 77 this season).

The 2022 campaign isn’t going to be a fully realized season, as it looks like the knee will be something that the Twins and Buxton will have to manage together by the end of the year. Evidence of this can be found in the two-game period he recently played between June 22 and 23, when the pain flared up on him. But it is a meaningful step.

The Twins’ careful plan for Buxton’s use, which includes treatment and occasional maintenance days, has helped him avoid a list of injuries completely this season and he is still at the pace of playing 120 games. That kind of use has also put him in the best position of his career, surpassing the 19 homers he hit in 61 games last season. There is still June 28 left.

Buxton played more than 100 games in his career in 2017 alone, when he played 140 games. At the time, he wasn’t even a homer-hitting, power-speed monster. According to baseball-context, he was still 4.9 fights that season. This version was 4.5 times in 61 games last year.

“We’re a different team,” said manager Rocco Baldeli. “Whatever we bring to the table, we bring more to the table while Byron Buxton is playing. Has he gone out every day? No, he doesn’t go out every day. But he’s been out there a lot and he’s got a lot of bats. They have become really productive. He pulls things off very quickly. You see the adjustments he made there. He’s a star, even if he’s not 100 percent. “

Health is all about what Buxton has been able to do this season – and an even more localized tip from the fact that the pair, who returned from the injury list, played a big part in the Twins’ victory on Tuesday night. Instant change from a 3-2 defeat in the game of the day.

George Polanko went 2-4-4 with Homer and three RBIs in the first game after recovering from a back injury, while Josh Winder returned from a shoulder injury with a six shutout frame.

But the attempt was thwarted by another big Buxton explosion – and sometimes, he can’t even help but takes a step back and is affected by its consequences. Only when someone tells him.

“That kind of impressed me a little bit,” Buxton said. “To get so much in 162 games, you have to click on the mental side like my attitude, my aggression, keeping the game simple.”