It’s been a long time coming NXT Women’s championships have changed hands – that’s a good thing, because ruling for longer often leads to bigger and more effective title changes and more impressive incentives for whoever becomes the new champion. Looking at the current landscape of NXT 2.0, a name has long been different in terms of who the current incumbent and past winner Mandy Rose should be. That person is Kora Jade, and NXT plans to crown her as the new champion soon.

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Kora Jade is the right choice to be the Babyface NXT Champion

When NXT 2.0 was launched, there was an attempt to focus on young wrestlers, to prepare early for the main roster, and to revive WWE TV with new names. While her character isn’t always perfect, some elements of her babyface character make it difficult for her to take seriously, Kora Jade is one of the more promising individuals in the current development. The innocence of the original belly character, the fearlessness of Jeff Hardy’s early days, and even a splash of her own personality, have all the ingredients for her to succeed as a naturally popular babyface.

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Jade is not yet completely polished, but at the age of 21, she is one of the youngest competitors in the company and has been constantly improving since joining NXT. It can be argued that Jade is too early to wear a belt, yet she can reign supreme with this title to further establish her character work, promo abilities and skills in the ring as a top name on the brand, being improved under the spotlight of being the number one female talent in the show.

Mandy Rose’s time at NXT should end soon

Looking at the scene of the current NXT Women’s Championship, it is clear that things need to change soon. Since returning to NXT, Mandy Rose has had a great time as a women’s champion. She has taken a modified leap, her toxic attraction being stable is one of the salient features of the often criticized NXT 2.0. After more than 240 days as champion, she has done everything she can to win the title at this stage and her struggling and bare main roster is needed in the women’s division.

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She’s done a tremendous job as the number one heel and matching her with an underdog babyface seems like the perfect formula. Even if it’s not a blank jade, any babyface will get a huge shock from ousting Rose as champion at this point because of how dominant and long her reign is. Sure, Rose’s reign may continue for a while longer, but Raw and SmackDown want something fresh, and Rose is one of the most roster ready superstars to offer developmental right now.

NXT has been making a blank jade against Mandy Rose for several months

Since the first day of NXT 2.0, Rose and Jade have been visiting each other. In November, Jade had a shocking victory over the champion, then tried to win the women’s war games match, as Jade stole the show while defeating Rose’s team. More recently, Jade also won a six-woman tag team match against Toxic Attraction. The story so far has shown that despite her underdog status, Jade has received Rose’s number on more than one occasion.

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However, when considering women’s title matches, Jade couldn’t find a way to win. This is due to their title matches evolving into multi-person events, first involving Raquel Gonzalez in a triple threat match, and then the deadly four-way featuring Io Shirai and K Lee Re. Jade still has to face Rose for the championship. Over the past six months or so, with the growing tensions between Rose and Jade, NXT has created a great momentum and a lot of anticipation for their final visit.

Their singles title match should come soon, and Jade should reach her big moment by decisively defeating Mandy Rose, consolidating her position as NXT’s top female babyface. It’s a move that makes perfect sense, and any other babyface champion would find it less effective at this point, especially with the path that both Rose and Jade have been following for the past half year. Rose’s reign may continue for a while longer, but whenever that time comes she should just lose the belt to Jade.