Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a natural evolution of the evil dead in gaming. The Nazis and zombies have been doing away with it for years, competing to become cannon fodder for discerning gamers. Then, in 2008, these two iconic bullet sponges did something that rarely works for villains. They shook hands. Now the Nazis are living in zombies.

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Rebellion launches Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army back in 2013 and released new installments of the popular alternative history game in the main Sniper Elite titles, including a trilogy bundle that includes the first three games. They’re all filled with the fun of hitting crazy undead up to four players. The eagle-eyed veterans of the zombie army trilogy may notice some things that seem a little different than they did last time out to kill Carl Fairburn and the Survival Brigade. Also, there are zombie sharks.

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7 Crispy new visuals

The first thing you notice when shooting Zombie Army 4 is how good everything looks. Entering through this can be a cheap shot, but the graphical improvement is significant. The characters look great in the improved lighting system and they no longer get a washed out look.

These games have never looked bad, but they have never looked so good. Survival Brigade is not the only thing that did a makeover. The zombies in this installment also look as disgusting as ever.

6 With weapons, it’s quality beyond measure

If you go to a base game expecting a large selection of toys, you may be disappointed with what is offered to you. Don’t be, though! What Zombie Army 4 lacks, it fills with weapons custom.

Although campaigns can be busy, it’s still worth looking around. Upgrade kits are scattered around, hidden in layers. Using it you can add useful changes to your weapons. If that’s not enough, the available DLC expands your arsenal. With the level gained from the experience gained, benefits are available that spice up your character ability, enhancing your survival.

5 The pastor is back, sort of

A fan of the Zombie Army game is a favorite promoter. First found on the church altar in the first installment of the series, this classic double-barrel shotgun packs a serious punch. You only have two shots before reloading, but those two shots can play an essential role in crowd control.

Zombie Army 4 introduces us to a brand new preacher. It is no longer available to choose from as a starting weapon but it is now in the range of heavy weapons. You will find it and about your adventures. There are limited shots without reload. Once it is empty it is empty. This weapon is incomparable to crowd control, just like the old preacher.

4 Big people

Some enemies have seen upgrades in Dead War or not at all in base games. Fire demons are no longer slow-moving fireball spit callers. Now they are more fast-moving, flamethrower-equipped heavy flame zombies.

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Chainsaws have become elite butchers, wielding a terrifying buzzsaw. Super Elite Zombies are now heavy gunner zombies, which will land on you with its double-barrel MG-42, one barrel more than its super-elite little brother. Also, the zombies now have tanks and half tracks. Zombie tanks are one thing.

3 Strategic treatment

Fans of the newly created Dead War will notice another significant change is the health system. The health system found in many popular games is gone, where you walk behind a box for a few seconds or hide in a corner until the deadpool-level healing factor of your bullet-hole-riddled body begins. Zombie Army 4 takes him even further. Days of Health Bar and Medkit.

Knowing exactly how healthy you are when to use your limited supply of MedKit adds a new level of strategic thinking. Medkits can be found in safe rooms and sometimes in the world. Once charged, you can also restore your health using Meli Takdown, which requires a bit of tactical forethought with a dash of good wet fashion zombie stabbing.

2 Close up and personal

There are times in the Zombie Army series when it gets easier to get overwhelmed. This is because you may be fighting a dead Nazi. This was sure to happen but for the first three games it was not a problem for some reason. The shotgun was one, and the all-powerful melee kick was another.

The kick may be gone but the zombie army 4 has been replaced with new melee systems and weapons. These dungeons include Heath Restoring Rechargeable Meli Takedown and Weapon Takedown. You will start with a fighting knife and unlock other toys such as an electric fist, a flaming ax and a sacred hammer that will channel your inner priest while sending you an undead army.

1 Starting lineup

You will see a change in the initial roster. Only two of the original Survival Brigade appear in the base game. Carl Fairburn and Boris Medvedev are back in the lineup favorites, as are Shola and June, two new characters.

Each has strengths and weaknesses that will add some spice to the already spicy fight. The characters fully express the dialogue in Dead War, giving a little more life to their adventures fighting the dead. It feels right to hear Carl’s hoarse voice spitting out a one-liner after spitting at a zombie’s head.

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