Not every pay-per-view item can deliver in terms of great matches and solid bookings, but when the card is stacked with a strong array of wrestlers, these types of missteps look even worse. In an era like 1990 World Championship WrestlingWho boasted a ridiculously stacked roster in the latter part of the decade, a weak show seemed even more unforgivable.

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Throughout the 1990s, WCW loaded a weak show with excellent lineups, so let’s take a look at 10 pay-per-views, some of which went down in history due to infamous matches.

10 Starcade 1994 (12/271994)

The arrival of Hulk Hogan from WWE in 1994 was a big rebellion for WCW but also an assurance that Hogan would remain at the top of every PPV he was willing to show. Disappointing Starcade ’94 is best remembered for the main event, which saw Hogan face off against his former friend The Butcher (aka former WWE star Brutus Beefcake) in an egocentric match. In other big matchups, The Nasty Boys defeated Harlem Heat and Big Van Vader defeated Jim Duggan for the US title, but the best match in the dispute was Johnny B. Midcard TV title match between Bad and Arn Anderson.

9 Halloween Havoc 1999 (10/24/1999)

By 1999, gears were slipping from the WCW machine, with the appointment of former WWE writer Vince Russo making the trend even worse. The havoc of Halloween ’99. Some promising matchups like Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero vs. Perry Saturn and even Bret Hart vs. Lex Lugar are on paper, but the matches have not impressed. Of course, since this is the VCW of the Vince Russo era, the main competition between Hulk Hogan and Goldberg and Sting, who fell down as a shoot that worked for Sting, lasts three minutes.

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8 Uncensored 1995 (3/19/1995)

Introduced in 1995, WCW’s Uncensored Were pay-per-view Extreme rules In his time, a pay-per-view where most matches were gimmick matches, including “martial arts matches” and the Falls Count Anywhere tag team bout. The most infamous, of course, was the “King of the Road Match” pre-taped episode where Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully fought behind a moving truck.

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While the matches between Randy Savage and Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers and Sting ultimately disappointed, the show’s mainstay was a leather strap match between Hulk Hogan and Big Van Vader, which Hogan surprisingly won by dragging Rick Flair to all four ring posts. .

7 Beach WCW Bash 1998 (7/12/1998)

1998 edition of Bash on the beach Raven vs. Saturn in the Ravens Rules match, Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero in the Hair vs. Hair match, and Bret Hart for the U.S. title gave Baker Hart some big matches to challenge. A little on the card, however, it all went well – even the thrilling prospect of a confrontation between Goldberg and Kurt Henning lasted about four minutes – and the big attraction match was the celebrity affair. Not only did Kevin Green face The Giants, but in the main event, NBA star Carl Malone and Dennis Rodman were taking part in a tag match against each other.

6 Starked 1997 (12/28/1997)

Starcade ’97 has gone down as one of the most disappointing pay-per-scenes in history since Sting vs. nWo inability to stick to the landing of the storyline, with its potentially obscure ending. But the rest of the card also felt great, including several large WCW vs. nWo matches and DDP vs. Includes solid midcard matchups like Kurt Henning, yet nothing really went beyond the middle position. The cruiserweight title opener between Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko – one of the few great ECW matches so far – has not lived up to its potential.

5 Road Wild 1997 (8/9/1997)

Organized at a motorcycle rally for some reason, undercard The road is wild Ray offered a Mexican death match between Mysterio Jr. and Conan and a very random matchup between Rick Flair and Six. High on the card, The Giants beat Randy Savage, while The Steiner Brothers beat The Outsiders to complete the DQ. Then there’s the main event, where Lex Lugar – opposing nWo as WCW’s top babyface on an unprecedented hot streak – left the world championship to Hollywood Hogan just five days after winning.

4 WCW / nWo Fall Brawl 1998 (9/13/1998)

In 1998, it was felt that WCW could not No. Deliver a frustrating PPV, co Fall order Considered the worst of the year. The first handful of matches set the show on the wrong footing, including a brother-to-brother match between Rick and Scott Steiner that ended in a no-contest. Juventud Guerra, who defends the cruiserweight belt against the Silver King, has fewer bright spots on the card than Perry Saturn and Raven’s match of the Raven’s rules.

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Then there is the War Games match. In previous years, this would have been a prominent feature, but the 1998 edition of the iconic Cage match has been discredited by fans. The match marked Warrior’s in-ring debut in WCW, with many tricks and gimmicks and rarely an interesting pro wrestling match.

3 WCW Uncensored 1999 (3/14/1999)

If fans watch the whole thing Uncensored They will start by thinking that a good show is in order after watching the opening match of the Mickey Whipbreak Cruiserweight Championship against Billy Kidman in ’99. Unfortunately, Kevin Nash will destroy Ray Mysterio Jr. and even a big disappointment like the dog collar match between Perry Saturn and Chris Jericho will shatter the rest of the show. It’s a show with an infamous main event: the first Blood Steel Cage match between Hollywood Hogan and Rick Flair, one of those classic WCW main events where the Shennigans take the place of joyful pro wrestling.

2 Starked 1991 (12/29/1991)

While many consider the 1994 version to be the worst, there is some legal competition Starcade Thanks for the decision to focus all night around the ’91 Lethal Lottery / Battleball competition. Originally, the show consisted of random throw-together tag teams battling to enter the main event Battle Royale, so the show included Rick Rudd, Lex Lugar, Jushin Thunder Liger, Big Van Wooder and Sting. Numerous others. However, some matches failed to provoke, including the closing battle.

1 Halloween Havoc 1998 (10/25/1998)

When considering the devastating WCW pay-per-view, it’s hard to do worse than Halloween Hawk ’’98, which is considered a black mark on the history of professional wrestling due to the Warrior singles match against Hollywood Hogan. The scale of the ego trip in bad wrestling given a negative five-star rating by Dave Meltzer. Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page World Title main competition is strong but bouts like Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash non-match and shocking disappointing sting vs. Bret Hart dream match.