For the most part God of warIn the history of, the Spartan warrior Kratos has traveled to the realm of Greek mythology, encountering some formidable deities with his own parents. However, with 2018 God of war, Santa Monica decided to rediscover the franchise by replacing the fixed camera for a more modern over-the-shoulder approach and arming Kratos with the Frosty Leviathan Ax. Notably, however, Kratos is no longer in the realm of Greek mythology, and instead, it is found among the Norse deities in nine regions.

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Santa Monica’s latest project, God of War: RagnarokIt is expected to be released in 2022, and will be the final part of the Norse chapter God of war While the franchise is exciting, it gives the series a chance to explore other myths from around the world, which means the Norse story will be relatively short. Since the game is drawn from Norse Ragnarok mythology to a large extent, this may mean that there may not be enough time for it. God of War: Ragnarok Slip into a happy ending.

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Norse mythology does not paint a good picture for the god of war: Ragnarok

According to the title of the game, God of War: RagnarokInspirations include the Norse Ragnarok myth and are hinted at in the final scenes of 2018 God of war. When the snow falls, Mimir warns Kratos and Atrius that the three-year fimbulwinter has begun, meaning that Ragnarok will soon follow. When one analyzes Ragnarok in Norse mythology, it does not paint a good picture for the heroes.

The word ragnarok comes from Old Norse and can be interpreted to mean “the fate of the gods” or “the ultimate destiny of the gods”. The mythology includes a series of predicted events Poetic Ada. Ragnarok will bring numerous natural disasters that will cause massive destruction, flooding the whole world. There will be epic battles between the gods with intermediaries like Odin and Tyre, which will kill many gods.

Everyone will know when Ragnarok arrives, thanks to the hemdoll god who lives where the rainbow bridge Bifrost meets the sky, and he will blow the horn called Gjalarhorn. The central figure in Ragnarok is Loki, a Norse Tricster god. During the event, Loki, Jotun Frost joins the demons, fights against the gods, and fights Hemdoll. The two prove to be fierce rivals and they kill each other. After their death, the sky will turn black and the earth will be surrounded by water.

In God of war, The conflict between the gods has already begun. In 2018 God of war, Kratos kills Baldur, he gets angry with Freya who promises revenge. She is accompanied by Thor, who also wants his pound of meat from Kratos as Baldur is his half-brother. Thor can be a powerful enemy, as he wields the Mjolnir hammer. In addition, the route is likely to cross with Kratos and Atrius Odin God of War: Ragnarok, Because there are strong indications of his arrival, especially from Mimir who claims that Odin persecuted him. It is not possible to say how far the war of the gods will go and whether it will go against each other as far as Cratos and Atrius.

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It is also worth paying attention to Loki, as it has been suggested that Atreus is a fraud. As explained at the end of 2018 God of war, Atreus’ mother named him Loki. This could be an ominous sign, as Loki doesn’t bring him back to life from Ragnarok. However, it should be noted that the God of war The series has always taken liberties with mythology, and there is every possibility that Santa Monica Norse will not stick strictly to the mythical script.

The God of War has no time for the post-Ragnarok myth: Ragnarok

However, the Ragnarok myth is not all death and destruction. Like many other myths around the world, there is a cyclical structure and death, followed by rebirth. According to legend, once the water receded, the earth would be more fertile than ever and the land would be rich with crops. Some children of the gods will live and they will rule the new world and tell the stories of their ancestors. Leaf and Lifthracir will resurrect humans on Earth who escape from Ragnarok by hiding in the world tree Yaggadrasil. This will usher in an era of new life on earth, in which more stories and legends will be created.

Although a beautiful vision is presented in Norse mythology, with only two games set, gamers may not have the opportunity to enjoy or experience the afterlife of Ragnarok, especially when Ragnarok itself covers many events. Perhaps in the trilogy, there would have been an opportunity to see what happens after the final battle of Ragnarok, but given the current structure of the mythology, it is impossible to fit it into two-parts. Moreover, given what is predicted in Ragnarok mythology, things may not feel good for gamers hoping for a happy ending. God of War: Ragnarok.

With the publication of Ragnarok As they get closer, gamers will find some answers that they are eagerly awaiting. Players will soon know who Angraboda is, how Atrius will cope with being a god, and whether this is the final game of Kratos. Like previous Santa Monica titles, this game is likely to be a series of visual splendor and non-stop high-energy action sequences. However, players should probably not expect too many heartbreaking moments, as the story can be a tragedy.

God of War: Ragnarok It is expected to be released in 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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