It’s June, and IGN’s Gaming Summer The waste is on. We hosted a live stream of the Freedom Games showcase and watched many exciting indie games in 2022 and beyond.

If you missed the 2022 Freedom Games showcase, we’ve got you covered with all the highlights from the show. You can check out all the games below for trailers, release dates and more.

Highlights from the Freedom Games showcase

Like any game showcase, we saw game reveals, release date announcements, trailers, developer interviews, and updates on upcoming games from the publisher. If you want a quick rundown of all the games featured in the June 10 showcase, check out the list below:

Good heaven

Good heaven! Survival is a comfortable survival crafting RPG set on a collection of floating lands. As a farmer, warrior, cook or merchant, build bases and characters on many skill paths and improve – make this a perfect game to play with friends.

9 years of shadows

Publication date: Q4 2022
Developer: Halbird Studios

Fight to bring color to a beautiful, handmade dark world and with the story of Europa, a young warrior and her ghostly childhood companion, Apino.


Publication date: Coming soon
Developer: Yodubzz Studio

HumanitZ is a top-down, open-world zombie survival shooter set a few years after the outbreak. Survive, explore, scavenge, build, craft, hunt, farm, fish and more. Do it all alone or with other survivors. You can’t change the past …. live today!

Lonely outpost

Publication date: Q3 2022
Developer: Aurorian Studio

Create new life in a farming sim set on a barren alien planet. Start a colony and grow it into a vibrant community. Choose from traditional animal and natural products or choose robot-cow and gene-spliced ​​crops. Take a break from farming by mining, socializing, finding love, finding foreign relics and many other interstellar activities.

Enen retreat

Publication date: PC Release August 5, 2022
Developer: Head west

After briefly avoiding extinction in 3600 CE, humanity moved away from war and strife and finally chose life and peace. Travel to the mythical Enan and perform rituals. Explore, feed, hunt, prepare and meditate to meet the next challenges and find your place in the new world.

Symphony of War: Nephilim Saga

Publication date: 10 June 2022
Developer: Dance Dragon Game

Enter the war-torn Tahanra. As a new academy graduate with a humble beginning, grow to lead a grand army against a corrupt enemy. Gather heroes, build bonds and lead your power in turn-based tactical battle battles. Use strategies, terrain, morale and more to establish peace on land!

Broken places

Publication date: Q3 2022
Developer: Experience other things

Broken Pieces, a French third-person survival horror with a classic fixed camera angle, takes place in a desolate coastal village somehow stuck out of the flow of time. Solve broken mysteries and reassemble the pieces of the story. Discover the mysterious source behind this mysterious place and try to return to normal life.

Neon blight

Publication date: 11 July 2022
Developer: Bleeding tape

Fight through this brightly colored Bullet-Hell Shopkeep Manager Rogulite set in a dystopian megacity. Collect hundreds of guns, set up an exotic black market gun store, meet other cyberpunk runners and work for the highest paid and ultimate weapon.

Blessings of the tyrant

Publication date: Summer 2022
Developer: Mercury Game Studio

Tiberias have been turned into a paradise by a tyrannical king, free from war, misery and free will – because almost everyone has been turned into a dead man. Take responsibility for the last living warrior in the strategic grid, turn-based battles and run the dead army at sea!

Monster tribe

Publication date: 15 August 2022
Developer: Unlimited games

Get out of Akama’s army, capture and train an army of spiritual beasts called Ateyan. Able to perform incredible and amazing feats of magic, these creatures are waiting for a harmonious spirit to discover long-forgotten secrets and restore balance between them and humanity.

Against all odds

Publication date: Q4 2022
Developer: Microwave Games

Water reduction. Rent is payable. Jobs are scarce. Time to get rich. Enter the Slaughter League, take part in the glittering array of deadly multiplayer races, set the competition aside and survive long enough to become the biggest competitor in the world. There may be only one, so say goodbye to that friendship!

Monorail story

Publication date: Q3 2022
Developer: Stellex Software

Monorail Stories is a minimalist storytelling game that focuses on everyday travel to experience a special story of humanity, friendship and intertwined destiny. Expand the story with a friend to take on the role of two different passengers with interconnected options in asynchronous multiplayer.

Monorail Stories’ kickstarter campaign is currently underway for those who want to support it.

Aura’s sand

Publication date: EA now available – New content update recently released
Developer: Cheshu Entertainment

The Sands of Aura is a free-world spirit-like adventure set in an evening field – buried under a sea of ​​sand. Cross the vast sea of ​​sand on Greenwich and discover how to return to life in this moribund world through tireless battle systems and fascinating stories.


Publication date: Q4 2022
Developer: Appnormals Team

Travel through the Qin Dynasty and enter the tomb of the first Chinese emperor. As one of his faithful terracotta warriors, subdue your Tao, unleash the power to change the world, and overcome puzzles and challenges in later life to save the cursed souls of your fellow warriors.

Voltaire Vegan Vampire

Publication date: Early access 2023
Developer: Digitality Games

An action-packed-rogulite, full of whimsical plants and mischievous creatures that really want to destroy your dark and mysterious plans व्हा Be a vegetarian! (㇏ (̀ᵥᵥ ̀ᵥᵥ • ́) ノ) 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙

Death drive

Publication date: Coming soon
Developer: Shotx

Death Drive is a deck-building Open World Survival RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. Combining card battlers and deck building battles based on in-depth battles, open world exploration, skills and character abilities, loot, trade, crafts, managing your caravan and living!

Mars bottom

Publication date: Q4 2022
Developer: Khuong Le

Welcome to Mars Base, the human footprint on the Red Planet! Join the expedition as an interstellar botanist and make history: turn barren soil into fertile farmland, grow food for the colonial table, and discover the secrets of Mars! Are you ready to make a “crop” out of everything?

Blood and zombies

Publication date: EA is now available
Developer: Wild monkey

The whole war of humanity against the terrible zombie apocalypse. Lead one of the four dead survivors of humanity in this first person, wave defense shooter. Load your guns, set up towers, sharpen your skills and maybe you can do it overnight.