Matoon – Broadway Avenue was a battlefield on Saturday afternoon.

In the post-war battle, the men fought upstairs at 1622 Broadway Ave, trying to win one of three prizes: Best General, Best Athlete, and Best Hobby.

The name of the game? Warhammer.

Warhammer is a miniature tabletop game in which an army of players stand against each other to see who will come to the top. Players also participate in modeling, which involves coloring the figures included in the gameplay and creating armies for use throughout the game.

War Zone, a hobby store that frequently hosts gaming competitions, was home to wars.

Adam Brazil, who leads the day’s competitions, said he has been involved in gaming since childhood and enjoys how to bring people together.

He said the Kovid-19 epidemic has made it harder to communicate with people, but now that he is able to hold individual competitions again, he is happy with the vote and is able to live around others with similar interests again.

The father of four, Brazil, said the game has created a passion for one of his children, who has shown that people of all ages will love it.

Adam Brazil thinks of his next move during the round of the Warhammer tournament at The War Zone in Matun. Monthly warhammer competitions are held in the war zone.


“I have a son with ADHD and he’s struggling with restraint. The day he sat down and made his first model for a day,” Brazil said, “it was a really proud moment.”

Growing up in a rugged area, Brazil said he is able to use games like Warhammer to stay on track.

“I played stupid games and they kept me out of a lot of trouble. That’s a good thing,” Brazil said. “It’s a learning opportunity, but it’s also a fun environment.”

In addition to bringing people together, Brazil said, the game also uses strategic thinking and mathematical skills.

Connor Johnson, a native of Charleston who recently graduated from the University of Southern Illinois, brought some of his college friends to play in the tournament. He said he also loves the community aspect of the game.

Johnson said he started playing Warhammer in 2019 but has played other similar games since he was 13 years old.

He said playing games at home can be fun, but having everyone together makes the experience more enjoyable.

“We have everyone’s experience at the same time,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he enjoys many aspects of the game, including modeling.

Johnson said, “As a kid, I always built with Lagos, so it’s always nice to make a kit.” Painting is also fun. I didn’t think I would like painting but then once I started doing it, it was really nice and I really enjoyed it. “

Johnson said he always enjoys building his army and learning about each of the potential characters.

Both said they would encourage others to join the Warhammer and the tournament.

Brazil said people of all ages can participate in sports and competitions and expect a welcoming atmosphere in The War Zone.

“Everyone is welcome as long as people respect and treat themselves.”

Johnson said the game is open to anyone who wants to play, even if it scares some.

“Anyone can join in,” Johnson said. “It looks really scary in terms of both cost and skill and strategy, but you can always take some time out and people are always ready to help you, so there’s no reason to be afraid to get into the hobby.”

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