Space Combat or Space War Games is one of the most popular concepts when it comes to video games. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a wide variety of new games in the genre, with all the fans’ choices spoiled. Whether it’s a combat situation bigger than life in space or becoming a pilot of your own spaceship, these games become addictive when you start playing. Most of them need to fight against their opponents, who are either fellow players or bots.

The fast gameplay, the ethereal atmosphere that creates the game and the agility of the required movements fascinate all game lovers, especially science geeks. Filled with action, adventure and difficult moves, these combat simulation games enable you to navigate the planets and start a new life by settling on the surface you like.

Choosing the best space games from a myriad of options is a big task, but we have chosen the top eight to cut using our discretion.

1) Freelancer

Freelancer Released in 2003 and it is about a space tenant who can either become a strict law enforcement fighter or a greedy hunter. A society is taking the first small steps across 48 broad galactic systems and the player has to make sure everything is in order. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Gamers will especially like the intuitive controls, beautiful graphics, funny dogfights and fascinating stories. You can also choose to play the game in multiplayer mode and participate in the limitless possibilities of space. Quench your thirst for revenge and break the rules or take out weapons to enforce the law; The choice is yours!

Developer: Digital Solutions
Available platforms: Microsoft Windows

2) Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Very different from the usual space combat and first person shooter games, Splitgate: Arena Warfare There are many exotic sci-fi locales. The story is offbeat and players need to play different roles at different stages of the game for gameplay. In one case you will see him struggling on alien planets and in another case you will be seen struggling to get to distant space. No matter where you are, the visuals are going to be amazing!

Creates unique gameplay Splitgate: Arena Warfare Be different from other similar games. Not only will you fully enjoy the gaming experience, but the points earned at the end of each level will keep you hooked until your favorite avatar is unlocked. The game uses a player-controlled portal to create a new dimension of arena battle and must try!

Developer: 1047 games
Available platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Linux

3) Everspace

Everspace It is a roguelike space game in which players take possession of a colonial fleet scientist’s clone to end interstellar warfare. Since it contains rogulylic elements, players are encouraged to die so that they can earn credits and use them on various upgrades, making the remaining stages more exciting and easier.

One of the reasons why this space combat game is so popular with gamers is that the story slowly unfolds as the player reaches a certain point during the run. So, each level you cross brings something new with it, which keeps the element of surprise intact and the level of excitement high.

Stunning visual and captivating stories, Everspace Takes players on a challenging journey through a constantly changing, perfectly created universe full of surprises.

Developer: Rockfish Games
Available platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux

4) Star conflict

Star conflict Is a dogfighting MMO that will make the player part of a pilot struggle in asteroid belts, revolve around planets and face him in fast conditions. While this is primarily related to PvP battles, gamers also get a chance to do some exploration, explore the remains, and participate in skyscrapers.

The feature of the game is the ships. Agile fighters, fleshy frigates, heavy destroyers and hundreds of others; When choosing for yourself you will be bad for choice; And while you’re in the middle of the game, you’ll have many opportunities to unlock and upgrade your ships.

Fight for your chosen group, find enemies and go into battle to spread the influence of your team and get yourself some decent rewards.

Developer: Target game
Available platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, SteamOS, Macintosh operating systems

5) Rebel Galaxy Outlook

Rebel Galaxy Outlook Due to its unique gameplay and the most creative storytelling, it is very different from other space combat games. Players control the fighter spacecraft and choose between helping the police or the pirate mastermind. So, you have to choose whether you want to play good man for a day or be bad.

Rebel Galaxy Outlook Allows full movement in space and does not lock the player in a two-dimensional plane. With easy-to-handle controls, beautiful graphics and a wide variety of missions, the game genre is one of the most sought after. You can also take a break from shooting space vehicles and play mini-games involving pool and slot machines. How cool!

Developer: Double loss game
Available platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

6) No Man’s Sky

The space is invincible and grand, and the unknown is what one wishes to explore No Man’s Sky Is based on. The addictive game uses techniques that you will never reach the end of space and includes more than 18 amazing planets to explore. In addition to exploration, the game requires players to find tools to survive. Master the trade route, get your hands on an effective combat process and make sure you have a smooth launch when you take off!

Whether it’s base-building or deep-sea exploration, the game has many activities that will keep you engaged. Creates multiplayer mode, VR compatibility, huge updates and unlimited inventory space No Man’s Sky Favorite among gaming lovers.

Developer: Hello Games
Available platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, macOS, Microsoft Windows

7) Classic: Dangerous

Space flight simulation game Classic: Dangerous The Milky Way enables you to explore the open-world representation of the galaxy. The fun open-world game has non-liner gameplay and a wide storyline. Players should prepare themselves for the longest adventure, as the game may take a while to complete.

Carve your own path as you navigate through rich galaxies, appreciate galactic power play and be amazed at what you see on the screen. Get the best weapons, constantly improve your abilities, upgrade your ship’s hull and make sure victory is yours.

Developer: Frontier development
Available platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating system

8) Stellaris

While playing Stellaris, Players will see mutant revolts, robotic mutinies, and the discovery of foreign text that will cause citizens to question their place in the galaxy. Galactic role-playing games give players many options that will help them create unique and fantastic space species. Strong species creators and the various clever decisions you make before starting a game suggest that you can create aliens you never imagined!

Stellaris’ The main focus is on search. While most space games stick with one method of interstellar travel, it offers players three types to choose from, each with its own strengths and struggles. In one game, the galaxy may be a network of hyperlenses, and in the next game you may find yourself creating a starred galaxy from scratch.

Developer: Paradox Development Studio, Tantalus Media
Available platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox Series X and Series S

Hope you like the list!