The PS4 has a diverse game library and here we have put together some of the best games on the platform.

What happened to the PlayStation 4 comeback and there are no signs of it stopping. Since the PS5 is hard to come by and the older consoles are easy to get cheap, this is a must buy for any gamer. The best PS4 games fill every niche and we have selected 15 of them below.

Blood clots

With the exception of FromSoftware in the current era, LikeSoftware in the PS4 era – no one has done it – or still does. Bloodbourne was releasing their best, arguably, defensive pacer, and had slow motion for heel-on-hit gameplay and blistering dodge and parry. One world and the game is not the other.

Persona 5 Royal

The biggest soundtrack ever? Arguments continue, but the Persona 5 Royal is just a masterpiece of JRPG design, direction, and style. Menus, Sounds, Dialogs, Tasks – as well as a few games that run their central themes and visual motifs through each of the Persona 5 Royale elements. In doing so it helps to look, sound and play well.

Final Fantasy XIV

The most popular console MMO by some ridiculous variation, Final Fantasy XIV, is also now the most successful FF game, one of the best story games ever, and can play around two JRPGs for free for run-time. Whether you have experienced this style or have never tried it, you will find something to love in Eorzea.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 may be Rockstar’s best title, and it’s true that it’s one of the greatest story-driven games ever made by default. With a totally amazing world and fascinating story, it manages to evolve from the open-world chaos of early GTA games and feels completely fresh. A must have regardless of where you play it.

The last part of us II

If you want a PlayStation first-party: Game, The Last of Us Part II is probably the best place to go. It’s slow, full of third-person, well-written characters, and full of interesting stories. It features shooting and bloody battles, various actors and bloody deaths. The Naughty Dog left himself behind and he lived for many years of propaganda.

Unknown 4: The end of the thief

If you like action-packed and a little less heartfelt, you can do much worse than Uncharted 4. Refining the jokes and gun-toting bits of Naughty Dogs, Uncharted is not without heartbreaking moments, but there are some less horrible deaths, and a little less considering the human cost of your mild provocation. The stand-alone extension, The Lost Legacy, is just right for you.

The shadow of Colossus

One of the most beautiful games ever to exist, Shadow of the Colossus got a remake on PS4 and now everyone can understand why it happened at 15 fps on PS2. If you are a fan of almost any modern third person game, you will find that part of its DNA is made up of SOTC.

God of war

As a game-changing reboot, the God of War is probably the most successful ever. While this third-person violence-festival is as much about anything as it was in the past, it’s much more than just a simple combo game. Moreover, significantly less bit-part semi-nude women. Control Kratos with the little help of his son and take a long journey that will surprise and excite you.


Travel is not like most of the games on this list. It’s probably made for a tenth of the price, and has almost no direct storytelling or dialogue. It is an adventurous, delightful journey, a journey you would say, through a barren land. Some of these surprises await you, and if you have never touched them before – and are free of many of them – you are indebted to yourself.

Horizon zero dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn was the first new IP in the PlayStation First-Party Mold and looked ridiculously pre-released. A little weird name that someone is peeing at, a robot dinosaur that you read like hitting with a bow and arrow – there was so much to confuse. It was a lot of fun playing with a collection of the most fascinating characters in the game and a great plot to boot.

Final Fantasy VII remake

Whether you played the original or not, the Final Fantasy VII remake is something special. With gorgeous, gorgeous, eyebrow-raising, and incredible gameplay managed to bridge the gap between JRPG and action games, it’s not without its flaws, but it’s still a trip. The sequel and the endless debate about what all this means is about to take off.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Despite the best efforts of many developers over the last 15 years, well-licensed games still seem like a miracle (or Marvel, HA). Spider-Man can be one of the greatest, web-slinging, fun battles and free-world masterclass of great stories.

Erase the omega collection

Realistic racing simulators are all well and good, but it’s easy to miss the classic days of super-fast absurd racers. The Wipeout Omega Collection is a “collection” that works as a new game, bringing together courses and vehicles from Wipeout HD, Wipeout Fury, and Wipeout 2048. With irrational speed and ridiculous tracks it feels a little different than that game. Of his predecessors.


If it’s just a game creation tool, is it a game? The number of dreams in our book is counted, because the number of things you can play in it is increasing every day. The talent on display is incredible and the diversity is high. If you want to build, it’s probably the best game in the world, if you don’t, it could be thirty of them.

Until dawn

It’s still one of the best horror story games you can play on any console. Unless Don is proud of the impressive graphics and excellent cast of actors. Campy combines the 80-style story perfectly with the ‘Save All’ Challenge and promises equal amounts of fear and fun.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.