Interview with director Takuro Hirawaka

While Resident Evil And Street Fighters Right now being firmly in the spotlight, I’m curious too Exoprimal, Capcom’s five-to-five team action game in which players go to town on gangs of no-good dinosaurs. The idea is to be better at accomplishing objectives (read: faster) than opposing squads to satisfy a composite AI called Leviathan.

It’s not going to be to everyone’s liking – and I’m sympathetic to any ride-or-die fan trying for just one The Dino Crisis Revival (maybe one day…) – but as someone entered The lost planet Back in the day, I’m looking forward to it. Exoprimal Looks like the kind of project we haven’t gotten from Capcom in recent years, good or bad.

Prior to the network test, Destructoid was able to send some questions Exoprimal Team, and Director Takuro Hiravaka They shared their insights on team building, single-player thinking, how the story unfolded, and why they went with the dinosaurs.

Team Dynamics at Dino Survival

In main mode Exoprimal, Dino Survival, Leviathan’s race to complete dinosaur-pummeling missions with his teammates while the other squad does the same. Beyond pure skill, a special exhaust role – vibrating with your crew – will also be a factor.

“Exhausts are designed to work together,” Hirawaka said. “Assault, tank, and support-type suits Everyone has special roles and they can’t maximize performance on their own. Players will have to rely on each other to overcome long-term difficulties and frustrating situations while completing the explosive mission as a unified unit. ”

“For example, Roadblock Dinosaurs can be taunted to attract their attention, attract them, and attack them with their large shields. In response, I like Assault-type Exosuits Daddy Can counteract from the flanks and wipe out dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Support-type suits They are able to heal teammates and ensure that their teammates on the front lines are not overwhelmed by the tidal wave of dinosaurs. ”

Having said that, the director feels that “there is no ‘right answer’ to what is the best exosuit configuration” and added that “players want to enjoy the game based on the mission presented by Leviathan by finding their preferred role and fighting style.”

Exoprimal's AI boss Levithan

Online multiplayer is the focus

This can be said not based on what we have seen so far, but Exoprimal IsAn online multiplayer game is at its centerAccording to Hiravaka.

“While introducing Exoprimal, We emphasize the importance of resourceful decision-making, role-playing, and coordination with your colleagues. While this all seems challenging, in reality it is quite easy to reach. Each Exosuit can release powerful attacks and develop unique skills with straightforward controls, which help enhance an enjoyable gameplay experience. At Dino Survival, Leviathan’s guided navigation prevents players from losing their way, even if it is their first time jumping into a match. “

“In the upcoming Closed Network Test, players will be able to watch beyond 5v5 matches. We are considering implementing features in the final version of the game that allow Matches with fewer playersHiravaka said. In addition, “Exofighters will also have options Practice alone By dipping in Single-player tutorial And Training area. ”

I’m looking forward to AI bots, especially this game as proof of the future.

The story and the progress of the players

Considering the story elements in mostly online, multiplayer-focused games, the results really change. I wondered how the story would unfold Exoprimal, And what kind of long-term hooks will be there to drive the progress of the players. Capcom shared some suggestions.

“In Exoprimal, Players are attracted to Leviathan’s recurring war games, ”Hirawaka said. “The story challenges Exofighters to find a way Get out of this never-ending loophole of combat trials. The main mode, Dino Survival, sees players take part in this deadly game and you progress in the story by playing in Dino Survival matches. The main characters in the game appear to be the players wearing exhausts, they are none other than the players themselves. We also hope you enjoy playing Exoprim, as if you are taking part in this battle. ”

“Additional features will be added to the game so that players can learn more about the story. Please stay tuned for future updates with additional information. ”

While dinosaur pieces and dice in Dino Survival mode, players “Gain experience used to enhance both player and exosuit levelsAccording to Hiravaka.

By flattening, Exofighters win many prizes. This includes items that allow players Customize the look Of their exosuits, as well as those Change how exosuits work In battle. We’ll have more information to share about these features at a later date. “

T-Rex chomp shielding

Origin of the new IP

“In our initial planning phases, the development team aimed to build experience with unsatisfactory action elements not found in previous Capcom games,” Hirawaka explained. “Instead of the same title Monster HunterWhere hunters take on a single powerful enemy, we pursue sensations Overcoming a large number of enemies. From this exploration process, we thought there might be Appeal and potential in the new IP. When we envisioned players team up online and share a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment with their squadmates after removing a huge crowd of enemies, we were convinced that the concept would be a brand new IP. ”

Dinosaurs were our first idea of ​​enemiesHiravaka said this while answering a question about other possible enemy types in the planning phase.

“We wanted the players to experience the threat of the most powerful beast in history in battle. We also thought that by placing players in a desperate situation where they stand against an attack of thousands or thousands of beasts, we can create an intensity we have never seen before.

“Further, the team came to this conclusion Modern humans and technology have not been able to defeat these mighty creatures In such a critical situation. We determined that some unknown force (science in the near future) would be needed.

“At the moment, the team felt that we could give players a new and exciting experience by combining the conflicting elements of the‘ strongest and most ferocious creatures in history ’into the‘ most powerful creatures of the near future ’in a single game. From this, the concept of Exoprimal Was born. “

Exosuit with sci-fi bow in exoprim

Tips for closed network testing

Hiravaka clarified that Upcoming test build Of Exoprimal Compared to the full version, “a limited number of missions, levels, dinosaurs, exosites and rigs” will be featured.

“While we show a small portion of what will be included in the entire retail release of the game, the closed network test will give players a taste of the experience and ExoprimalIts central concept is to bring the strongest and most ferocious beasts in history to face the most powerful beasts of the near future, as well as the satisfaction of playing with others to get out of a depressing situation as a team. ”

“In the closed network test, both a Tutorial and training area“And developers” recommend to check how the various Exosuits control and operate in this mode first. “

“Once you find your favorite exot suit, we recommend that you play with them instead of going to different suits. After that, land directly in the Dino Survival match. You may find dinosaurs scary at first, but they don’t stop you from facing dangers. Make sure your teammates fight with you. With every match you play, you will naturally develop the knowledge of what you need to get rid of these evil creatures. ”

Exoprimal Will launch in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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