Total War: Warhammer III The latest in a 15-game long release as much as expected this year Total War The franchise is a turn-based strategy and real-time strategy computer game that has delighted gamers for over two decades and is at least one reason to try it for every entry in the series.

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From historical battles to fictional worlds, a mix of the two, d Total War The franchise has covered a wide range of universes in its ever evolving bid to create the best RTS and War Simulator. Headlines at the bottom of the spectrum can also stand out against the best of the genre.

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10 Shogun (Metascore: 84)

The game that started the series continues even after 20 years. Set in the Sengoku period filled with samurai, Shogun: Total War Introduced gameplay mechanics that are standard to this day. The game is turn-based in the overworld with familiar diplomacy options, and the battles look familiar when gamers move to the normal-eye view.

Feudal-era Japanese groups are diverse to choose from, each with their own unique skills and strengths. Gamers will now laugh at blocky graphics and lesser fighting and turn options, but Shogun Gave everyone a taste of what’s to come.

9 Medieval (metascore: 84)

The second Total War Outing built on the foundation made by the first game of the series. Medieval: Total War Released in 2002, it focuses on a much larger period than its predecessor, which took place over 400 years in the Middle Ages, and included groups that matched the period.

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Increasing graphic capabilities allowed players to land larger armies than ever before, which was more detailed than the maps seen by many in similar games. Medieval Added all-important religious thought as a standard in turn-based episodes and siege wars.

8 Three States (Metascore: 85)

Total War Three Kingdoms Combat screenshot

In 2020, Total War: Three Kingdoms Squeezed his way during the release of the popular Warhammer The trilogy took place during the mythical three kingdoms in China around 220 AD, with players taking control of one of the 12 groups and working to unite the country under one state.

With fantastic graphics and the expected complex gameplay, Three states Added an important aspect: controllable generals who need to take care of different personalities, almost identical Sims Avatars can make these generals friends, get angry, and face enemy generals for dramatic victory.

7 Warhammer (metascore: 86)

Created after a partnership between Sega and Games Workshop, Total War: Warhammer Is a mixture of Total War Series gameplay and Warhammer fantasy It was a perfect match for the world’s numerous character models and magical abilities Warhammer Characters and abilities Total War Game engine for controlling animals.

The game has the same strategy and maneuvers as the previous entries in the series but has plenty of extra things to attract new players. Warhammer Released with only four playable groups (released for two more DLCs) but their uniqueness means gamers never got bored of them.

6 Warhammer III (metascore: 86)

A group of dwarves in Total War Warhammer III

The most recent release in Total War The series is plagued by a number of technical issues and errors that make battle sections particularly difficult, especially when playing multiplayer. But these problems are most likely the result of a big game Total War: Warhammer III.

Almost twice as big as the one in with an overworld map Warhammer II And at the time of release, six groups instead of the usual four, it takes a lot of processing power to run the game properly. Fortunately, patches and updates are working quickly to fix the majority of issues.

5 Warhammer II (87)

Total War Warhammer 2 Mammoth and Hydra

Of the best Warhammer Trilogy, Warhammer II The first iteration has all the excitement and novelty in overcoming annoying technical issues Warhammer III Early in its publication. Diplomacy and battles are as good as they are in the series, and a big campaign will have a few hours of fun.

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Faction in Warhammer II It could also be the best in the series. This game features some of the most unique forces seen in A Total War The game consists of dinosaur-fighting reptile lizardmen, a huge number of day-winning scavenger rats, and groups of not one but two different skeletons. Kings of tombs and vampire coasts with their ancient Egyptian nature that rise from the sea as dead pirates.

4 Medieval II (Metacritic: 88)

Armies gathered in front of the fort in the medieval 2 total war

In the absence of a major revolution of anything that already exists in the series, Medieval II: Total War Improved everything that came before in the graphical and AI sections. It is happening in the same period as before Medieval Game players have been repeatedly accused of winning England, North Africa and the Middle East between 1000 and 1500 AD.

AI was especially appreciated. In past games, overcoming computers with agile tactics has never been a real challenge. In Medieval II, The campaign is not easily won, and the feeling of accomplishment is more powerful when the enemy’s kingdom is crushed.

3 Empire (Metacritic: 90)

Empire: Total War Is the only series from the early modern era in the world. Spying, diplomacy, colonialism, and for the first time: competing with almost the entire world through naval warfare, players took possession of musket-building armies and artillery from the 18th century.

It was Total wars The most ambitious game to date and the sword and shield warfare from previous games. Gamers used black powder and rifle formation to win fictional and historical battles in Europe, the Far East, and the Americas. Even the technical difficulties brought by the giant game were not enough to deter fans from ranking it as one of the best games in the series.

2 Shogun 2 (Metacritic: 90)

After several games around the world, the Creative Assembly decided to return to the island of Japan where it started. Total War: Shogun 2 Occurs over a period similar to the first and allows players to select nine groups to unite countries under one shogun.

Although it looks like an update to the original game, Shogun 2 Introduced mechanics that will be included in many future titles. Generals with special abilities that can be measured, the effect of the weather during a battle that results in what strategy the player plays for, and large-scale multiplayer battles with up to eight players at once. Shogun 2 Made a mix of old and new in a very polished and fun game.

1 Rome (Metacritic: 92)

Gameplay of Rome Total War

In 2004, many gamers were introduced Total War The first franchise with the third release in the series. Rome: Total WarAs its name implies, it takes place during the reign of the Roman Empire and allows players to command ancient armies from North Africa to Britain.

Considered one of the greatest games ever, Rome: Total War Sophisticated gameplay from the first two games of the series. It is still one of the most satisfying and repayable strategy games available with a unique historical concept that does not appear in other AAA games.

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