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Now that PlayStation Plus has updated its subscription service to a tiered model, many of you may be wondering how you can now download so many stellar games in a tiny internal storage size of 667GB. Well, that’s why we’re here to explain why it’s so profitable to invest in a faster SSD for your PS5.

If you haven’t heard, PlayStation has modified its Plus subscription to include three new levels: Required, Extra and Deluxe. You can sign up for a period of at least one month, three months or a whole year, however the benefits vary depending on which tier you choose.

Essential membership offers the same benefits that members get today, starting at 11.95 a month. However, the additional membership includes all the current benefits, as well as a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games that you can download to play. Meanwhile, hardcore PS fans can opt for the Deluxe Sub, which offers you all of the above benefits and a catalog of nostalgia-inspired games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations. If you want to know exactly what games are available for download, check out the list written by David here.

Well, what does all this have to do with external drive? Well, the PS5’s hard drive has an 825GB internal SSD, actually only 667GB available for games. It pays off very quickly, and assuming most of you upgrade your subscription to PlayStation Plus Extra Tier (at least), you’re probably going to spend days downloading as much as you can into your internal library.

Who live on a diet of AAA games (special mention) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To use my staggering 130GB of storage), it’s a no-brainer that you can fill up that storage space very quickly.

If you want to save as much of the PS5’s precious ultra-high-speed space as possible, storing your games on a portable SSD is something you should pay attention to. Fortunately, there are some concrete options.

How to save your games on SSD?

Image: SIE

If you’ve been lucky enough to own a PS5 since its launch, you’ll know that this feature wasn’t immediately available. Until the software update in April 2021, you can transfer your PS5 games to an external drive for storage.

In announcing this software update, Sony noted that “it’s much faster than re-downloading PS5 games from USB expanded storage or copying them from disk.” However, you won’t be able to play your PS5 from an external drive.

But you can store and play PS4 games from an external drive. If you plan to move any PS4 or PS5 game to your new console, you’ll need to format your portable SSD as extended storage, which you can do through the PS5’s storage settings.

If you are looking for more storage options for your console, you can install an internal SSD in your PS5. You can see Kotaku Australia’s guide to doing so here.

Some SSD options for your PS5 games

Samsung SSD T5
Image: Samsung

If you’re thinking of getting a portable SSD, but you’re not sure what to expect, we’ve put together some suggestions below. Even if you don’t have a PS5 right now, it’s generally an easy thing to do.

Before you buy a portable SSD, think about what kind of games you usually play. If you are a person who needs all the big AAA titles, 1TB SSD may not go as much as you would like. As mentioned earlier, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War A huge 130GB watches, while the PS5 version NBA 2K21 Is 114GB. That’s about a quarter of your SSD filled in just two games. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

As a general rule, always go for HD with SSD option. You can get a portable HD with more storage cheaply, but you’ll still miss out on some significant transfer speeds. You better buy SSDs, as they will easily outperform any HD ones – especially if you plan to play PS4 games directly from the drive.

The Samsung T5 is the most affordable option. You can get the 500MB SSD from Amazon for less than $ 97 or the 1TB version from eBay Australia for 249.95.

You can go for the cheaper Samsung T5, which only has read and write speeds of up to 540 MB / s and 520 MB / s, so if you want something faster to reduce transfer times, Samsung’s T7 range might be. Go

When it comes time to buy a portable SSD, Samsung’s T7 There is a solid, reliable choice that will not blow your wallet. You can get the Samsung T7 with 2TB of space for $ 369 right now.

The Samsung T7 is an upgraded version of the T5, with read and write speeds of up to 1,050MB / s and 1,000 MB / s. This is a very good price considering that most other Australian retailers sell this drive in the range of 499 to $ 599.

Whether it’s internal or external, WD Black is always safe when considering SSD. The P50 Pro Game Drive SSD The 500GB packing costs 259, while the 1TB costs $ 284. Either way, both games are optimized for use as storage. With read speeds up to 2000MB / s, you get some super fast transfer and loading times. This WD Black SSD is currently on sale through Amazon for 284, so you can save yourself around $ 80 to $ 180 compared to other retailers.

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