Kaguya-sama: Love is a war One of the funniest rom-com anime of the last decade is its huge popularity. The various “battles” between the bizarre and the weird characters are the main part of his humor, which often escalates the minor situations into climatic standoffs.

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As expected, the strength of Kaguya-sama‘S jokes are based on the strengths of the characters involved in each situation. The more silly and wacky the characters, the more ridiculous and bizarre the situation becomes. Are here The funniest characters in Kaguya-sama: Love is a warThey are ranked according to how much fun they bring to the table.

10 Kei shirogane

Shirogane’s younger sister is not often seen, but she impresses whenever she appears. Although she openly pretends to be annoying her brother, she is a real fan of Kagua and wants to befriend him.

Most of Kei Shirogane’s scenes in the anime have a strange relationship with her brother and father. While the two are happy with themselves, Kei provides a straight man who is free from their ridiculous acts. Although she is not the funniest character, she is often the most fun part of gags.

9 Nagisa Kashivagi

While many of the stories in Kaguya-sama revolve around members of Shuchin’s student council, some students outside the student council are occasionally featured. Nagisa Kashiwagi appeared as the first character who was not part of the Student Council and was frequently seen asking for relationship advice.

Nagis’s many visits with the Student Council have led to her and her boyfriend developing. Although her motives seem pure, she often annoys student council members who have better things to do than listen to her stories.

8 Ay Hayasaka

Ay Hayasaka is Kaguya Shinomiya’s personal maid, although she is not known to anyone at school. Master in personality change, Hayasaka can switch between cold, melancholy behavior and a chaotic, oscillating personality at the pin drop.

While Hayasaka is experienced in a variety of occupations and subjects, she is sometimes thrown into situations that she cannot cope with (often due to the whimsy of the crow). Hayasaka doesn’t always get upset, but when she does, it’s because of the ridiculous situation.

7 Miko Iino

Miko Aino is the newest member of the student council, who joined after the election to decide the next president. She is a domineering sticker to rules and ethics, but her passion can be affectionate. It has been a bit slow since joining the Student Council, but some things will never change.

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Iino is often the source of very happy goggles, with bizarre misunderstandings with the rest of the student council. She shines the most when she’s with Ishigami, as their cat-dog relationship is often a source of a lot of fun jokes.

6 Kaguya Shinomia

Kaguya Shinomiya is one of the main characters in the series and, therefore, appears in many anime-making stories. Kaguya usually presents herself as a very quiet and reserved character and an image of a noble woman.

Inside, Kaguya is intensely deceitful, often engineering under strange circumstances to get her confession to Shirogan. However, as her emotions grow throughout the series, Kaguya’s icy behavior begins to melt, allowing her to express her feelings more openly and provocatively.

5 Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Shirogan is the chairman of Shuchin’s Student Council and a generally serious and hardworking person. At first glance, he doesn’t seem to be able to engage himself in the sort of stupidity that comes up throughout the series.

However, the nature of the headline prompted him to end up in a number of ridiculous situations, such as various “training sessions” with Fujiwara. The fear of being looked down upon by Kagua and the lack of understanding of current trends make him a great comedian.

4 Maki Shijo

Maki Shijo is Nagisa Kashiwagi’s best friend, who falls in love with her boyfriend. This makes the relationship between the three very awkward and unfortunately, Shijo often gets a small piece of the stick.

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Although Shijo doesn’t usually appear in the series, Happiness is not always behind when she does. Although a little sad about her character, it is funny to see her trying to deal with her unfamiliar love and loneliness.

3 U Ishigami

Yu Ishigami is the introverted and sarcastic treasurer of the student council. An Otaku who loves to play video games and watch anime, doesn’t get along very well with his classmates at Ishigami school.

Ishigami is the heart of many dramatic moments Kaguya-sama, It is the focal point of many humorous moments. His belligerent relationship with Fujiwara and Aino creates some hilarious scenes and brings a lot of humor even when his own negative personality is not around.

2 Chika Fujiwara

Bubbly, the game-loving secretary of the Student Council, is the biggest source of humor in the series. Whether it’s playing some weird game to keep the student council alive, or getting in the way of Shirogan, or Kaguya’s intricate plan to confess to others, Fujiwara has established itself as a big wildcard in the student council.

Although Fujiwara initially seemed like a distant wall for Kaguya, she is not immune from protection, such as her many arguments with Ishigami or her fierce “training sessions” with Shirogan. No matter the situation, Fujiwara is always a source of joy

1 Shirogane’s father

The still unknown patriarch of the Shirogane family is rarely seen, but everyone is happy with a laughing-loud voice. A man who lost his company and is now doing various jobs to pay off his debts, Shirogan’s father still strives to be a trusted presence in his children’s lives.

Though his intentions are good, the manner in which Shirogan’s father is doing this is questionable. Whether it’s his misguided attempt to connect with youth or his tendency to get out terribly in the most innocuous moments, Shirogane’s father is worth watching.

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