Although Santa Monica Studios has taken steps to immerse Cratos in the world of Norse mythology, the former Spartan general’s bloody past haunts him. In general, the same can be said about God of war As well as suffrage. Built from the ground-up in the shadow of ancient Greece, the instantly recognizable pantheon of gods, monsters, and lesson-heavy stories was never far from the forefront.

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Fans are waiting patiently for more related news God of War: Ragnarok, And its expected debut on PS4 and PS5 in 2022, all worth keeping in mind. Despite the recent influences on Kratos’ life and quest for peace in recent years, there is no escaping the fact that both the characters and the series are fictitious considering the Greek story concept. As a result, in its nearly two-decade history, the d God of war The franchise has maintained its status as a Greek tragedy.

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God of War 2005

The God of war As a modern-day example of the Greek tragedy, the series’ position was strengthened for the better during its first installment. Not surprisingly, given the proximity of the game to ancient Greek mythology and characters, Aristotle’s first PS2 adventure in Cratos showed all the features attributed to the literary concept in his early days. So much so that it is easy to imagine that Santa Monica Studios has created this series with a special philosophical blueprint in mind.

At the forefront of Aristotle’s Greek tragedy road-map was initially the presence of civilized human beings who had attained a high status in their local community. Although Kratos is likely to be the victim of unprovoked violence in later records, the Spartan general could make a case for reaching both of these bases. The right to call a story a Greek tragedy is more important than anything else, however, the way it deals with the idea of ​​human suffering.

There is no denying that Santa Monica is the origin of the studio God of war Excellent in this case. Like most of the heroes found in Greek tragedies, Kratos’s fall from grace was marked by sudden loss of judgment and actions that had a profound effect on his health. By the erroneous act of selling his soul to Ares for short-term gain, the Spartan general freed himself from years of persecution. The death of his family at his own hands, for example, is a pain of his own which is found in numerous stories in the genre.

Although the latter God of war The game will go on to confront other ideologies, with the 2005 breakout game neatly completing Aristotle’s own explanation of the Greek tragedy. After struggling to free himself from his contract with Ares, Kratos finally realized for himself how his actions directly shaped his destiny. The remorse he clearly felt at the end of the game when he realized this was a lesson of caution for the spectators. According to Aristotle, the cornerstone of almost every good Greek tragedy.

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Battle of Kratos on Olympus

Thanks for the first groundwork done by Santa Monica Studios God of war The game, each follow-on Greek-themed installment of the series, also features narrative elements related to the Greek tragedy. For starters, after achieving his goal at the end of the 2005 PS2 installment, Kratos quickly realized that this success would not allow him to return to his murdered family. Sitting on the throne in the hall of Mount Olympus, as the almighty god of war, could not forget the mistakes that had led him to that position.

If that wasn’t sad enough, additional elements were added to the series to rely on her literary inspiration. Meanwhile God of War 2, Kratos finally realizes that his grief has been partly caused by his own family. The revelation that Zeus was his father and that Cratos was an illegitimate child are narrative threads that can be torn directly from the soap opera – a story style that is often seen as a modern way of telling Greek tragedy. Mix up the fact that the battle of Kratos and Zeus was shaped by prophetic rumors, and it becomes clear that the tragic part of the equation is related to the original part of the series.

Although large sections of God of warThe Greek saga of was defined by blind violence, each installment can still be seen as a Greek tragedy. The tragic relationships that underline each story are key elements of many Greek tragedy-themed theories, although it can be argued that Cratos does not finally learn his lesson during the saga, as Aristotle’s blueprint wanted. It is also worth noting that many interpretations of the ancient form of storytelling emphasize the concept of catharsis, which is undeniably abundant in that period of Kratos’ life.

Kratos’ Norse Saga

Despite God of war The main focus of 2018 on Norse mythology, the story of Kratos is being defined by the story elements frequently found in Greek tragedies. The simple act of traveling alone in the Norse world to escape his past actions reflects the self-awareness and grief that haunts him today. After hundreds of years of contemplation and many attempts to move forward, Cretos still has a shadow of remorse. In some cases, this can be seen as an awareness of a lesson that is absent to the end God of War 3.

Raising Atrius and trying to be a good father in the process is in many ways a continuation of the roots of the franchise’s Greek tragedy. How Cratos treats his young offspring is defined primarily by his own upbringing and the mistakes that lead him to Norse mythology. The fact that Atreus pushed back against the wishes of his father as a whole God of war To boot 2018, and apparently Ragnarok Also, there is a narrative tendency in itself that is reflected in many Greek tragedies. This will be even more true if the pair fight directly in the upcoming sequel.

While Kratos often does not have its own collapse maker, at many points inside God of war Other characters in the series have also embodied aspects of Greek tragedy telling. For example, Odin’s discovery of stopping Atreus in a misguided attempt to prevent his own death during Ragnarok could be interpreted as a self-inflicted tragedy of his own making. Given how the elements of the Greek tragedy have played a decisive role since the series began, there is reason to believe that more will happen in future games. God of War: Ragnarok.

God of war Now available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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