When the Downtown Block Party returns, the streets of downtown Iowa will be transformed into an outdoor beach, disco club and stage for musicians, drag queens and veterans.

The fifth annual Summer Bash, presented by the Iowa City Downtown District, will bring a free festive evening for all ages.

Last year, the Downtown District increased the size of the event due to Covid-19 safety concerns, adding 20,000 square feet for adequate spacing.

This year’s block party will keep its expanded layout and add a new tradition to the list of activities that are already strong.

Here’s what to expect from this year’s event.

Things to do at Iowa City Block Party: Volleyball competitions, silent discos and live music

The "Silent disco" During the fourth Downtown Block Party on Saturday, July 24, 2021 in Iowa City, Iowa, three DJs are playing exclusive playlists, each streaming their performances on the respective headsets in the crowd.

The new one for this year’s block party is SCW Pro Wrestling in Davenport. The stage will be held at the intersection of Washington and Lynn streets at 5: 30-7 pm and 8-9 pm.

Other blockbuster classics will return, such as Silent Disco, which invites community members to tune in to their own tunes via the provided headset. There will be a drag show on Iowa Avenue by Studio 13 from 6-7: 30pm, followed by a fashion show at 8pm.